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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Jason England

    1. If you could travel into the past to change one thing that you think is wrong with the magic industry/community of today, what would that be? Yes, you have super powers in the past and can change whatever you want. 2. If you could gain any one ability or quality you admire in someone else...
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    If you were starting over again...

    My advice would be: Dont be in a hurry. Take it slow and focus and learning the fundamentals of magic. Most people who is new to magic seems to be in a rush to learn everything there is to learn and move on to more advanced stuff because they think that harder equals better. But if you focus on...
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    The thing that people have to realize is that magicians and laypeople dont think in the sam way when it comes to being "fooled". When we, the magicians sees an effect we are most of the time only looking at methods and sleights. For example say that a magician is performing an ACR routine...
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    Magicians think to little in my opinion. But hey, everyone is different. When i performe magic my goal for every effect is that there should be no doubt in the spectators minds that what they just witnessed was impossible. I think this whole effect looks a bit fishy and can leave the...
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    Mating call by Alvo Stockman.

    I was just browsing around the web and found this by accident on Penguinmagic. I love card forces and i have heard some great things about Alvo Stockmans products so i decided to buy this download since it was only 5.95. What they say: The Effect The Neat Freak Force is as fun to execute...
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    Need some help. A talk about Magic and magic history.

    Thank you guys. Do you think talking about The Discovery of Witchcraft and that era as someone suggested would be interesting?
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    How many copies does a magic book sell?

    Just a bit curious. Does anyone know how many copies a popular magic books sells? Say a book like Paul Harris The Art of Astonishment.
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    Need some help. A talk about Magic and magic history.

    Hello! I need some help. Im working on a school project for my history class. We are going to make a short talk about the history of art like music, theatre, painting etc. I would like to talk about the history of magic. But i dont know where to start. Could someone give me some advice...
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    Ben Earl on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

    Sure the routine were amazing from a technical poit of view. But i did not find it really entertaining. Sorry. But Ben Earl is great.
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    Is the magic community shrinking?

    A few years ago when David Blaine and Criss Angel had their first tv shows the magic community really expanded. When a new product were going to be released the hype were huge. Endless threads about new effects would pop up everywhere etc. One thing i have noticed latly is that Internet...
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    FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

    Is it hard to make the gimmick for dresscode? I cant sew or anything.
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    Daniel Garcia Project - Complete Review

    The new part of the set, disc 4,5 and 6 were a huge dissapointment. Disc 6 had some great ideas with the OPP move that i can see myself using. Other than that there were a few cool and neat tricks on the discs but there were really no stand out effects that i thought "WOW! I have to learn...
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    Daniel Garcia Project 4 - 6 on Theory11?

    Hello! The Daniel Garcia project vol 4 - 6 is going to be released tomorrow. But what about the Theory11 release? I have heard that theory11 would sell them and that they would be offering them as Downloads. But i have not heard anything about it for a while. So i guess they wont be selling...
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    I Don't Want To Just Learn Another Trick...

    Great recommendations from everyone. I would like to add Aaron Fishers personal training series dvds to the list. You will learn 3 amazing sleights/effects and they are filled with great advice on performance and audience management. Also his book the paper engine.
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    New Release: TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    getting a bit confused since he says it uses borrowed rubber bands. TRANSIT requires some common household materials that should be easily available. An ample supply of these materials (rubberbands, etc) is included with the DVD. Do you need some special kind of bands etc?
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    TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    Cool. Will be getting this for sure. Love rubber band magic. Is it super hard as some band magic can be?
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    TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    Have you seen it? What is the trick? Anyone knows?
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    TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    looking forward to this. I love rubber band magic. Just hope its something original. There are so many linking bands, band through rubber band etc out there that are already good enough.
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    Scarne on Card tricks.

    Jason Englands 1 on 1 on book recommendations were awsome. Did you get any of the books on the list? One of the books i got that i think is really overlooked is Scarne on Card tricks. Its a fantastic collection of great card magic. I think a lot of people stay away from it because its "easy"...
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    No experience in Coin Magic

    I would say get Bobos modern coin magic and work through it, you dont have to learn everything just get a feel for it and see if coin magic is for you. Then get the David Roth dvd set.
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