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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. MikeK1

    Mailchimp Summer Variations

    Ive been looking to get a mailchimp summer deck for a long time and just recently noticed a variation of the deck. I’ve seen some with a thick gold pull tab and some with a thin gold pull tab. This makes me think T11 reprinted them at one point. I know T11 doesn’t reveal print numbers but I feel...
  2. MikeK1

    Theory11 deck collection.

    Is there a list of every theory11 deck ever produced? I’ve Been trying to collect them all for the last couple years but I don’t know what else I’m missing. I’m not counting decks that we’re never released (eleven Madison Park Monarchs or pre-release gold Monarchs). I wasnt Around in Theory11...
  3. MikeK1

    The Archive

    Theory11 has finally updated the archive. They have added BLUE JAQK, PLAYERS, signed decks from JB, and more. They have also taken away Gold Monarchs (guess they ran out). So are you guys finally gonna spend some of those elite points on the new goodies or keep saving them? Personally I’m gonna...
  4. MikeK1

    Black Friday Madness

    How was everyone’s Black Friday this year? To shortly summarize was expensive. Lol. Got some Black Hudson’s, Green Tycoons, Gold Split Spades, DD/AWW collab (...still not happy about that one) and also took adavtange of many sales at different card shops. What did you guys pick up?
  5. MikeK1

    Where are my favorite Theory11 decks at?

    Is there a reason why a lot of theory11 decks aren’t available right now? Currently ivory tycoons, contrabands, unions, black mystery box, and even the classic monarchs. Are they printing more or are they out of print now? I doubt the monarchs are out print though lol.
  6. MikeK1

    Deck Collection Storage

    So I’ve been collecting decks of cards for about five years and i have A TON! I have about 700-800 decks. When i first started collecting I kept them in boxes but now i like To have them stacked up on a shelf. I bought A shelf about a year and a half ago and the shelf is completely full. So i...
  7. MikeK1

    Is there anything new coming to the archive?

    Been looking for some new stuff to pop up on the archive, hopefully some rare decks that I still need. Is anyone else hoping for an archive update?
  8. MikeK1

    What Theory11 decks do you still need?

    I’ve been collecting theory11 decks for the past 4 years now and still need some decks to complete the collection. I still need: White Centurions Mailchimp summer Green rarebits I still need a few others but these are the few gems I’m still on the hunt for. What are you guys looking for and...
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