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  1. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    9 of Diamonds 8 of Diamonds 7 of Diamonds 9 of Diamonds
  2. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card1: 9 of diamonds Card2: 6 of clubs Card1: 6 of clubs Card 2:9 of diamonds
  3. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Collections! Here it is, I don't like to throw cards away.
  4. Evan Chartrand

    Coin levitation help

    P.s yes, of course I'm aware the movie just used after effects
  5. Evan Chartrand

    Coin levitation help

    I was watching the tv show Lucifer on Netflix and the main character does this effortless coin levitation, and I wanted to get an effect as similar as possible to that. My attempts to tie close-up IT around a coin have thus far failed spectacularly. Does anyone know how to tie IT around a coin...
  6. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Card & Coin Lotto!

    Nine of diamonds Heads
  7. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Action Shot

    Here's my two entries
  8. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    Nice work Kaan, fooled me
  9. Evan Chartrand

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    Thought i'd do the opposite of thinking outside the box and put something inside the box. The original deck can also be spread by the spectator as well to show that the selected card is no longer there.
  10. Evan Chartrand

    I need a good number force

    I need a force of a number that isn't impractical or use any clunky props(like dice, and ideally not even a deck of cards). I'd like to have one for a larger number anywhere between 1 and 200 and then one for a bit smaller, like between 1 and 10. Does anybody know something that would work?
  11. Evan Chartrand

    Gimmicks vs sleight of hand (coins)

    That's not necessarily true, there are quite a few gimmicks that can be used in a variety of ways, and for virtually any gimmick you can think of at least a couple effects
  12. Evan Chartrand

    Marketing Advice

    So your telling me that I should not be using as my work email.
  13. Evan Chartrand

    How to practice "being casual"?

    There's only so much you can achieve by practicing by yourself. You have to perform. the more experience you have in an actual performance setting the more relaxed you're going to feel and the better you'll do. There really isn't a substitute for experience.
  14. Evan Chartrand


    Different decks will have different duplicates, if you get a Daniel Madison deck it'll be the 9 of clubs, NOCs have the queen of hearts etc. Have you got all your decks from the same place?
  15. Evan Chartrand

    Marketing Advice

    Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get my name out there as a close-up magician and start booking gigs.
  16. Evan Chartrand

    Help Controlling Two Cards

    Use a turnover pass and put one card above the break and one below, or if you're not supposed to see their cards for the purpose of your trick you could also injog the first card and then put the second card directly above it then shuffle one to the top and the other to the bottom.
  17. Evan Chartrand

    Classic Force

    I've been practicing for like four months and i still don't feel confident enough that to get it every time. It will take a lot of work and practice before you can replace the riffle force my friend.
  18. Evan Chartrand

    Best Metal bending effect?

    What would you say the best effect is for metal bending, as someone who has never tried something like that before. Ideally something that is visual and not super complicated.
  19. Evan Chartrand

    How to get rid of "the click"

    Also to help prevent it, it's best to leave a couple extra cards in your tuck case and if you live in cold climate invest in a card clip.
  20. Evan Chartrand

    Extreme Burn Performance Ideas?

    You can make some patter about how you used to perform this until one time a cop was in the audience and he was going to arrest you for counterfeiting currency, so I just went like this(do the move) and just like that the evidence was gone.
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