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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Dangerous Update

    It means friday the thirteenth. 061809040125 200805 20080918200505142008 061809040125 THE 20080918200505142008 2008 means t, so you can depict that it's friday the thirteenth because the third word ends and starts with 2008. Thirteenth starts and ends with t.
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    Impromptu Dream of Aces Perfected! The first one is good for strict angles/large groups. The second is good for a small, controllable group. Feed back would be helpful.
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    Impromptu Dream of Aces?

    the vid is almost up. just search Tu' Dreams on YouTube. under the account gomeriffic. the first one u see is version 2, then version 1. i think version 2 could use some work, so pm me with ideas for it.
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    Impromptu Dream of Aces?

    Hey everyone. Just an update. I have made two methods. The first is easier to do, but you cant show the aces before you put them into the group of cards. The second allows you to show the aces before vanishing them, but is a little risky. I will have two performances by the end of the night.
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    Impromptu Dream of Aces?

    yeah. would an impromptu version of a dream of aces be good? (this would be the same as the original in terms of presentation.)
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    T11 Round Table Discussion - Wayne Houchin

    1. Where do you get your inspiration? 2. Do you have any personal favourite theory in magic? (penetration, mentalism, etc.) 3. What is your favourite trick? (besides your tricks)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    Bryant left a present....
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    Dung Dung. A new effect by Lee Asher.
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    Yeah, Same as Mitch. But the finish is does provide enough fanning for one or two performances.
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    Aladdin 1001?

    aaaarrrgggghhh! you get me again, Signapore! No, really, where? And make it online! And cheap!
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    Urgent Presentation Help - Please!

    lmao i know! how likely is that?
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    Aladdin 1001?

    yeah, i agree with david. it depends what you do more. i might buy some if i knew where to get them. david, where can i get them?
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    The Second Deal

    double push yeah, how do you push off two cards as one?
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    Urgent Presentation Help - Please!

    Thanks for that. i just need some stuff to BRANCH OFF of. then i can make bigger reactions from inspiration. i also thought of doing a version of stigmata with the last four digits of her phone number. I could say im like the CIA, tracing calls! thanks to Dee for the icebreaker.
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    Urgent Presentation Help - Please!

    Hey! Straight to the point! I need some good eye catching stuff. Some of the popular kids in the neighborhood have been hanging out around the place that I practice "Stuff". I want some good patter that will increase reactions! Please! Help! P.S. I also need something that will impress a...
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    Waterfall Control

    hey everyone. a quickie here. where can i learn the waterfall control? i need it! Thanks! ~MK
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    Patter to use when using Monopoly money in Prophet?

    good idea, but i would get tips by saying that i need money. when they are almost done reacting do another prophet, while saying that the money only stays changed for a minute or two. it would work very well. the tips would pour in!
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    Shirt messages

    truth in lie shirt
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    Shirt messages

    here is an intelligenti+pauca.
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    Erdnase go round help

    hey ppl. just need some help with erdnase go round v2. when i break the packet off and try to flip it, the upper packet starts to get messed up. Then the bottom pack wont move. thnx in advance!
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