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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Avancer

    One silence sickly

    solidd video man, great handles on the flourishes, maybe not cut it up so much so you can see the full length flourish in some parts, but good job overall.
  2. Avancer

    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    These are my two entries
  3. Avancer

    Best Web Designer For A Magician?

    There are plenty of freelancers out there that can do a website design for you, Web 007 will costa fortune, I'm pretty sure Theory 11 was over $10,000 if not more. Personally,I've got a bit of experience with designing sites and have 4 years of photoshop experience, but am not adept at coding...
  4. Avancer

    What you think of my website?

    I'm going to be honest, the site looks quite unprofessional with the whole "free theme" look. There was one posted a little while ago that was superbe. I have a few suggestions. The site, right now looks okay, although the pink doesn't really suit it for me, and the colour scheme is a bit...
  5. Avancer

    Critique on My Site Requested

    I'm usually straight up when it comes to critiquing websites and most of them usually get a negative feedback, but yours I'm surprised is actually very well done, it seems there are people who put alot of effort and thought into websites. I'd like to compliment you on that, and it's a great...
  6. Avancer


    myspace is overrated, allcrowd is where it's at ;)
  7. Avancer

    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    1) 559 cards 2) 2048 cards 3) 7853 cards
  8. Avancer


    Personally, just for the sake of it, commercialize the Black Tigers, not for the sake of free advertising for a company, but rather that it will achieve I think a better reaction from your audience rather than just regular cards.
  9. Avancer

    Are you dark... or just a punk?

    I actually enjoyed reading that and understand what you're saying, as well as the way it's written.
  10. Avancer

    It's there...

    gotta love superbad...
  11. Avancer

    Stop performing for your video camera! Or else!

    wow, dang, that's major ressurection :D
  12. Avancer

    New to Magic

    Hey man, and welcome, this place is great for anyone, the atmosphere is great and so is the help. Rather than type up another essay and just repeat what the above people have said, I'll just say heed their advice and welcome to T11 ;)
  13. Avancer

    25 Tips For an Enjoyable Life

    Alright, thanks, the money makes sense, it's a demanding job.
  14. Avancer

    25 Tips For an Enjoyable Life

    Not to be rude or anything, but what exactly do you do, because that is an amazing payroll?
  15. Avancer

    25 Tips For an Enjoyable Life

    I'm guessing is has to do with investing, perhaps stock?
  16. Avancer

    25 Tips For an Enjoyable Life

    well writeen, thanks for that, some stuff I do, but I'll try some tohers, thanks alot, great contribution.
  17. Avancer

    Teacher Fired for 'Wizardry'

    That was a really great movie, and I could see us in the future living like that...
  18. Avancer

    Teacher Fired for 'Wizardry'

    .....all I can say to both the news story and the Jehova's Witness comment
  19. Avancer

    David Blaine :: World Record Breaker

    man, almost 20 minutes, that's ridiculous...
  20. Avancer

    It's buddy time!

    someone's going to have the highest friend count....
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