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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Vestone


    Hey guys, i'am up here with my own A.C.A.A.N. version, which is inspired by Mitchell Kettlewell and Danny Carcia. This one is called E.A.I.A.C.A.A.N. (Easy and Impromptu Any Card at Any Number :-) ) Here are some facts: - no forced card -no forced number - deck can be shuffled and borrowed...
  2. Vestone

    Looking for a Jay Sankey Trick

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for the name of a business card trick from jay sankey which was offered a few years o on his website as an instant download. I want to relearn the trick now but can't remember its name. I think they have taken down the trick. Description: A packet of business cards is...
  3. Vestone

    Zero Gravity // Card Trick

    Hey Guys, i really enjoy performing Vertigo by Rick Lax which is a great and visual trick. However, i felt that there must be a simpler way when it comes to defy gravtiy by pushing a deck on the edge of a box without dropping the cards to the floor. That's why i came up with "Zero Gravity"...
  4. Vestone

    Theory11 Playing Cards Photography

    Hey Guys, i wonder if the Photos from the theory11 Playing Cards are available in a High Resolution Format? They can only be viewed in the integrated Player in a small format and low quality. I was looking forward for the Split Spades Lions and Bicycle 125th Anniversary Photos because i wanted...
  5. Vestone

    Card Control: Pressure

    Hey Guys, here is a little Video of me showcasing a Control which came in my Mind a few month ago. I decided to film it to hear your opinions about it. I did some researches, but could not find the method, so if the method which is used in myVideo already exists, please inform me about it so...
  6. Vestone

    Some Footage of my Clipshift

    Hey Guys, i made a little Video showing my Clipshift after Month of Practice. What do you think about? I hope you enjoy it: Cheers, David
  7. Vestone

    Double-backed Cards Tricks

    Hey Guys So i have now the mirror deck and also a double backed card....could someone write a message to me which tricks i can do with it? ( If you want you can publish the list with the names of the tricks here in the thread too ,of course) Thanks
  8. Vestone

    X Finger

    Hey.....E released a new trick...impromptu and with no gimmicks....what do you think about it? practical? looks in my opinion good and the pen can be borrowed... Cheers
  9. Vestone

    Which Tricks

    Hey Dudes I have a little performance next week at a party and i`m not sure which card tricks i shall perform....:confused: Here is a list of Tricks i could do: 1. Angle Zero by Daniel Madison 2. ACR with "Shifty" 3. Revolver 4. Cartoon...
  10. Vestone

    How much practice for Shifty?

    Hey Dudes How long did you practised "Shifty by Chris Kenner" before you did a live performance do someone other? And what were the reactions you get from the trick? did they saw the "move" or did they went crazy? thanks for helping
  11. Vestone


    Hey Dudes i sent a video to the theory11 media section 3 days ago, but it isnt there available yet? is that normal? how long does it take normally, that the video will be there online? Cheers
  12. Vestone

    Inversion Sommersault

    Hey Guys, who want to do a inversion sommersault Battle? Variations of the somersault are allowed!
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