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  1. senohpoxas88

    Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

    After a week's worth of revisions and edits, here it is. Please let me know if there is anything else I could do for you guys. Dear Theory11, I am a frequent member of your site, and enjoy everything that you and your team produces. As exciting as it would be for me to hang out with the...
  2. senohpoxas88

    Chicago Meet-up 10-11-09

    Dam, I wish I would have read about this sooner, I definitely would of met up with you guys. We should start like a google group or something for Chicago Area Magicians on T11. Let me know for the next meeting day.
  3. senohpoxas88

    Going to Magic Live? Let us know...

    ill be there, looking forward to meeting all of you.
  4. senohpoxas88

    Wynn Cards

    I have a lot of Brown Wynn's if anyone is interested.
  5. senohpoxas88

    Spider Pen

    I have them both. They are both great, but I would probably say it depends on what you are going to do with it. I probably enjoy the uses of Tarantula more, but I think that if you are using something with a front pocket, the Spider Pen can be cleaner.
  6. senohpoxas88

    Get a deck of cards printed?

    I have been in contact with USPCC and talked to them about my own custom deck. They have two different card stocks, the crappy one (found on the website jb listed) and there bicycle stock. Everything from t11 (from what I was told from the custom card department) is used on the better stock. To...
  7. senohpoxas88

    Pressure Ideas?

    very cool idea, I just tried and you could use a water balloon and a coin. Sign and put in balloon? It could work.
  8. senohpoxas88

    A Deck Of Playing Cards...

    13 cards in a suit = 13 lunar months. and for the 365 pips, the jokers each count as 1 pip.
  9. senohpoxas88

    Pressure Ideas?

    Hello All, Just wondering if anyone thought of any other cool Pressure ideas? Maybe something in a whole new direction. (Yes, we know the condom idea already) Any other practical uses that you came up with other than a cell phone?
  10. senohpoxas88

    Jerry's or Cents

    White Cents I have a brick of White Cents, and I love them. I like collecting cards and I would love to try a deck of Jerry's Nuggets, but never have. If anyone is looking to buy or trade for a deck of White Cents, PM me.
  11. senohpoxas88

    Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

    So it sounds like im going.. Had to fight it with the parents but I will be taking the 6 hour drive from Chicago!
  12. senohpoxas88

    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    Does anyone truly know what it is? I know without even looking at the clues and I am 100% sure. It pays to know people. Don't worry though, ill keep the secret safe.
  13. senohpoxas88

    Favorite Effect in Paul Harris' Art of Astonishment Book Vol. 1 - 3

    blizzard twist - its actually 2 different tricks in there but that freaks people out. They visually see the color change. I am almost positive its volume 2, but i could be wrong and dont have the books with me. But trust me, its good and the reactions are awesome.
  14. senohpoxas88

    Quotes on magic

    Hey guys, I was thinking of making some business cards, and i wanted to include a quote related to magic on the bottom. I thought that this would be a good place for people to add there own quotes related to magic!
  15. senohpoxas88

    Daniel Garcia For Theory11 Artist!

    Garcia has had some great effects, FRAUD being still one of my all time favorites. To be honest, when I saw all of these magicians coming together to form this new site that had all of the best magicians, my first was "sweet, wayne houchin, j. Bayme, but where's Daniel Garcia?" He needs to be...
  16. senohpoxas88

    Problem with Leftie like me

    i am left-handed, but i do more than 90% of my magic the same as a right handed person. I change for doing a lot of things with coins, but with cards, i typically do the exact way as a right-hander. Its based mostly on how you learn, and with enough practice, either way can work.
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