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  1. Mikeoo92

    Hypnosis and Dollywood

    Hon talks about how you always be profesional. And you always ASK and introduce yourself before hand.. I dont think anyways will get punched in they act profesional. Seriously. But I know there are probably some teens who got this thinking they can just randomly do it to people..
  2. Mikeoo92

    Hypnosis and Dollywood

    Steerpike is right about ZAP, I have other books and DVDs on hypnosis, and I have studied it and NLP and social psychology for a while now. And ZAP is in my own opinion a knock-off, although I did learn some things from it. I was just doing ZAP because I like the induction..
  3. Mikeoo92

    Hypnosis and Dollywood

    Well I just got back from dolly wood, and long long story short, I was doing ZAP (I did it to like 30 people in 3 hours lol) And well some security guard went and taddled on me, and I got in trouble etc. (My mom was deafening me even though she wasnt there) And I did the hypnotic stare in the...
  4. Mikeoo92

    Yeah richmagic, you can find people specifically by email try it. ill find you also. but I am...

    Yeah richmagic, you can find people specifically by email try it. ill find you also. but I am more of a myspace kinda guy lol
  5. Mikeoo92

    David Blaine Poster

    I am sure you could get a signed card by david blaine a cheaper way :D
  6. Mikeoo92

    Hey rich magic, yeah my facebook email is

    Hey rich magic, yeah my facebook email is
  7. Mikeoo92

    Pressure Contest

    Today is probably the day, the phones will be received!
  8. Mikeoo92

    Bad Performance

    Were is the video at? The first video link you posted is down.
  9. Mikeoo92

    Bad Performance

    I wish I could see the video. They took it down.
  10. Mikeoo92

    JDENnugget Playing Cards

    Why when I left click, a pop up appears, that says "Sorry, no can do buddy?" Is this to prevent people from saving it? because I can drag and drop the imag on my desktop, also, after the message goes away, the save message appears. But good job, I like them lol, are you going to get them made...
  11. Mikeoo92

    Pressure Contest

    C=B did you talk to him? Or get a phone?
  12. Mikeoo92

    David Blaine Shipping

    I just ordered a poster, and the shipping for usps was 4.95 I think
  13. Mikeoo92

    Pressure Contest

    I can only imagine the exitment of the person who danny gets to meet. (no phone)
  14. Mikeoo92

    Thought I got one of the phones...

    Yeah lol. Its was crazy, I screamed when I seen the box, and my mom was like "Whats wrong?!?" Then I riped it open, and it was my cards, then I seen the split spades, and I screamed thinking they were white centurions or however you spell it, and she was like "Whats wrong now?!" And I was like...
  15. Mikeoo92

    Thought I got one of the phones...

    Well, when pressure came out, I got the download, and teh DVD. The bext day, I ordered -Split spades -Centurions -Propaganda And today I went to check the mail, and I seen the envelope (That I knew had pressure in it) But I forgot about I ordered some cards, and I seen a box, I screamed...
  16. Mikeoo92

    PK Sounds

    I thought it was instant stooging. I seen him sound stoogy in the video. Derren Brown I know does some stooging but uses hypnosis, I could do this. So is the stooging involved something I could make them forget about, or is it greatly obvious to them?
  17. Mikeoo92

    Anything to share?

    "Do it for the art, the art of misdirection, the art of illusion, the art of escape, the art of hypnosis. If you do it for the money, you will fail."- Me "Just Do It" -Nike Really, dont pause for a palm, just do it, and hand them the deck to shuffle Avoid the hecklers, unless your name is Brian.
  18. Mikeoo92

    How does this routine sound?

    I personally do not like stories, I am creating magic, in the real world, not a story. Thats just me, I like to hear stories from magicians though. If you can do those tricks perfectly, and you like them, then its good :D
  19. Mikeoo92

    Unusual bikes?

    Oh thanks for the link Daveygs magic!
  20. Mikeoo92

    PK Sounds

    Does anyone have this? If so can you direct me to a review, or answer these questions. -Whats the longest this routine can last? -Can you incorporate it easily with other mentalism effects, such as hypnosis patter? -Is it worth it? -Just your opinions, thanks all -Michael
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