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    Confession of magicians

    I have revealed many tricks such as card to pocket, false riffle shuffle, the cris cross force,the double left, and palming a card. I have used magic to cheat at cards. When I get mad at someone i want to tell them that I can make them disappear and not let them come back. ( OF COURSE NOT KILL...
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    Dirty Bastard!

    I use this method when ever I am doing a gambling demention. It very cool on how it can mess with peoples minds in a way that they think you don’t know what you doing when in reality you are cheating.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    The best disappearing trick whith any item.
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    Card to?

    I’m going to perform at a place and when the time is right I am going to do a card to. But I can’t decide to do card to pocket or card to mouth.
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    Expert at the Card Table

    In my opinion it is in between intermediate and advanced.
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    Had an interesting situation happen to me on Sunday, not sure what to think......

    Actually yes I have a similar situation right now. I sometimes go to church when I get the time because I am very busy. But when I do I am afraid to play with my cards but I came up with a plan. I go to a non-denomination church as well so if I ever get caught I say will I don’t tell people...
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    What to do?

    Thanks for the help.
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    What to do?

    What should I do when someone tells my audience how I did the trick and they are rite. Should I use magic to make it look like the trick was done differently or something else.
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    How to make a magician mad in 4 words.

    I really hate magic
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    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    I did a lot of tricks with the same idea and then one day I thought wait a minute, why not put one card in this place and a different card in another place. Most of the time when I give the spectator a choice.
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    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    This is a very tuff question to ask but I will help out as much as I can. One is if you know his favorite color if it is red or blue. If you don’t know think of what color he prefers. If none of these work, put on red in one shoe and one blue in the other if he says red take out the red if he...
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    Performing Professionally

    For me about 2-3 months but many other people mite take longer. The reason why I took 2-3 months for me is because I don’t have any thing else going on in my life so I decided that I will become a full time magician. Remember it mite take longer.
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    Do you prefer performing magic sitting or standing?

    I agree with you I am do like being mobile.
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    Do you prefer performing magic sitting or standing?

    Me, I am for both because in some of the tricks I perform they use a method for sitting but most of the magic I perform I stand. So I really don’t mind both.
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    Elite points

    What is the fastest way to earn elite points.
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    I love this, the plan is amazing. It is very sneaky and I like that. YOU HAVE TO LEARN THIS TRICK. I give it 5 stars.
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    Is exposure a significant problem in magic?

    I think that it is not that big if a deal because if you are performing don’t tell them the name of the trick and that way they can not look it up.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    Who can throw a card the farthest.
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    What is your favorite color change?

    I was not talking to you. I was talking to cWhite.
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