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  1. willabbotsm


    Hey guys, I made a new cardistry movie. It features my dog, who is awesome. So is the video.;) enjoy :D comments are welcome
  2. willabbotsm

    Fernando Pando

    A fun cardistry video made in my hotel room in Rome. Enjoy!:D
  3. willabbotsm

    Sleight of Hand is Fun

    A quick and fun video demonstrating passes (face up cards, and face down), zoso change, revolver bluff pass, and some other stuff. Enjoy! :D Critique is always welcome:)
  4. willabbotsm

    Golden Reality

    A fun cardistry/random video I made. Has some nice flourishes, along with knives, random things, and lots of fire. Enjoy:D
  5. willabbotsm

    I'd like to introduce you to...

    Hey guys. I thought I'd post this any see if anyone gets anything out of this. I'm a member of and have been for a very long time. The forum is a great place, and has great advice from people who really know their stuff. It's not as big as Theory11, but it's nice. I'm not...
  6. willabbotsm

    Anate Bundle by Dee Christopher

    Okay, I took the plunge and bought the Bundle. I'm not really very impressed. Let's talk more. Anate is not a card force! I'd like to let you guys know that. Calling it a card force, is like calling the "Think of a number 1-10, it's usually 7" a card force. If you successfully do the Anate...
  7. willabbotsm

    Pitching Svengalis

    Anyone here ever pitched svengalis? There's a lot of money to be made.....
  8. willabbotsm

    Hi World - De'vo sucks

    In spite of the recent events taken place in the HL world, I decided to throw something together. It's also sort of a celebration that I finally realized HL sucks. I spoke out against De'vo and got banned an hour later, yay! I'm happy. Congrats to Armond & Cardman...
  9. willabbotsm

    V2F - Impromtu Visual Vanish performance

    well, I reviewed it, and here it is performed. (I didn't load it anywhere, I thought that would be redundant because magicians know where it is). I've been combining this with paperclipped lately. It's great because as I'm doing the vanish, I talk about how "the card was never real. At least...
  10. willabbotsm

    V2F by G

    Well, this trick has a lot of single letters. My holmes "G" released this effect, you can buy it in his 'hood. Effect: A super awesome kewl visual vanish of a card (that looks like trick photography). The card ends up folded in thumb palm, and can be loaded where you which. ("G" even teaches...
  11. willabbotsm

    REAL zarrow shuffle battle

    Well, after the mess that was the other battle, I'd thought I would do a real zarrow battle. Le Rules: do the shuffle a few times (of course) have the deck in some discernible order, A-K is fine. no cuts between shuffles. (video editing cuts) you can do other false cuts before or...
  12. willabbotsm

    Original Barehanded Matrix effect

    Sup guys. I want to challenge someone to a original barehanded coin matrix effect. Yes, I know that sounds limited.:D Anyone up? Will
  13. willabbotsm

    Levitator - Andrew Mayne

    I've been a big Andrew Mayne fan for while, so I decided to take the plunge on this. I am pleasantly pleased. :D Effect: The demo speaks for itself. Basically you look like a f**king awesome person who floats. :D Method: Very creative, indeed. There are five different ones. My favorite...
  14. willabbotsm

    My New Video

    Hello all, here's my fourth cardistry video. It's not super long, but it has some nice ideas and combos in it. Enjoy:D I'd love to hear your comments! Cheers Will
  15. willabbotsm

    Allan Ackerman - Palming

    Okay, here we go. Volume 1 of Allan Ackerman's Advanced Card Control series. This, my friends, is an awesome DVD. I already knew things like the one hand top palm, the bottom palm, the cop, ect. But this DVD is sooo much more than that. You'll learn palming theory, tips on holding out, tons...
  16. willabbotsm

    On The Spot - Gregory Wilson

    Blurb: An On-The-Street Video Set of Routined Impromptu Magic On the Spot is a guerilla course in performing impromptu magic. The material is so strong, you could show up at your next gig with no magic on you and still entertain the daylights out of them. It's that good. Get ready to...
  17. willabbotsm

    Intercessor - Gaetan Bloom

    Holy Sh*t. This is amazing. Really amazing. I'm very excited. Super excited. Wow. Let's get into the review. :D Effect: A card is selected, and a corner is torn off. NO SWITCHES. The spectator can finish tearing the corner themselves. The remainder of the card us vanished, and reappears...
  18. willabbotsm

    One-Hand top palm color change

    Let's see who can do the best color change using the one hand top-palm!:D It can be original, or not. Anyone up?
  19. willabbotsm

    House of Cards

    Here's a cardistry video from me. It has some new + old stuff, enjoy! I'd like feedback:D
  20. willabbotsm

    Off Topic

    In my opinion, Theory11 needs an off-topic section! A lot of us members have some witty discussions that need to be had in an off-topic environment:D
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