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  1. magicman123-2

    Where Have All the Cards Gone?

    Hey guys, as you've probably noticed Theory11 now has more decks out of stock than they do in stock. I have seen JB post a couple times that some of the decks were in production but i haven't heard anything since. Does any one have any information on when the decks will be restocked? Also does...
  2. magicman123-2

    Freedom Pack REFUND

    Not to add fuel to the fire but i completely agree with MalibuARMY. I feel this matter could have been brought up a different way but i feel as though Freedom Pack is not at all a good effect. And by not good, i mean completely impractical. Your hands are in an akward postion the whole time, it...
  3. magicman123-2

    V5 uncut sheets

    You're crazy if you think anyone is going to sell their sheet for retail. Here is one on ebay:
  4. magicman123-2

    V5 uncut sheets

    I did not say 11PM EST was 6PM for me, I was trying to put things in perspective. I live in the eastern U.S. However you are completely missing the point. Lets say theory11 did change the release times to 7PM EST, it would still be 4AM somewhere in some other part of the world. There are...
  5. magicman123-2

    V5 uncut sheets

    You have to remember that Theory11 doesn't just ship to the U.S. and the U.K., they ship world wide. Its a different time all over the world, so making a release time convienient for everyone is impossible. What was 4AM for you was 6PM for someone else in the world. If Theory changes the...
  6. magicman123-2

    Uncut Sheets

    As said above You can buy an uncut sheet of DeckOne in the gear section. Here is a current auction on ebay for an uncut sheet of Sentinels.
  7. magicman123-2

    t11 bulletin :: Merry Christmas + Four New Releases

    On the product page for the sentinels uncut sheets, it said the same thing, but they have not been in stock since. Will the DeckOne uncut sheets be sold again after they sell out?
  8. magicman123-2

    Safe to say my package got lost?

    The reason you package is delayed is more than likely due to one or more of your items being back ordered in which case your package will not ship until Theory11 gets the back ordered item in stock. Or the mail truck carrying your package could have been hijacked, robbed, then driven off a...
  9. magicman123-2

    deckONE Review

    I got mine earlier this week and i completely agree. They do feel a bit thinner than the sentinels, but they are extremely durable. I have a feeling they are going to last a long time. I also bought a few decks of S&M v.5 and i prefer DeckOne because like i said they are thin but very durable.
  10. magicman123-2

    FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

    But on the product page for DeckOne, it says they aren't shipping until friday anyway, so why couldn't V.5 go on pre-sale like DeckOne?
  11. magicman123-2

    second phase of pandora ( crab shack)

    Well if you want to do it fast, you simply need to practice. There is nothing else you can do, just do the cut over and over and over again. Trust me by about the 93rd time, you'll be pretty good.
  12. magicman123-2

    Black Friday E-mail Secrets

    Hey guys, here is the unblurred photo of the Jerry's Nugget casino
  13. magicman123-2

    Sentinels Uncut Sheet Pics

    That looks cool. Haha, I think i got the same exact frame for mine. I couldn't decide which way to face the sheet so i faced mine with the backs visible, but after seeing your pics i might have to change it...
  14. magicman123-2

    t11 bulletin - SMOKE + STRIKE + Uncut Sheets

    I'm assuming these are sold out because i went to get another one and i can add it to my cart but, when i go to check out my cart is empty.
  15. magicman123-2

    Smoke and mirrors

    The only version Smoke and Mirrors that were ever available publicly in an uncut sheet were V.2 but they sold out at over a year ago and since then they haven't made any more available to the public. I haven't even seen the V.2 sheets on ebay.
  16. magicman123-2

    t11 bulletin - SMOKE + STRIKE + Uncut Sheets

    Man am i glad that I'm on the computer at 2am. I just picked up a sheet. This was quite a surprise. $30.00 is an AMAZING price. At Ellusionist they want $17 for a PRINT of one of their sheets made out of poster paper. I'm glad the Sentinel Sheets weren't hyped up or else they would have sold...
  17. magicman123-2

    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    1) Why did you guys feel a site revamp was necessary?
  18. magicman123-2

    Price of opened v3's

    In all seriousness, the value of a deck decreases 50%-75% when it is opened, no matter the condition. I haven't seen any sealed decks of v3s for sale lately, but a sealed deck would probably go on ebay for around $20.00 on a good day. So for an opened deck you would probably get between...
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