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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    I think Sankey fooled Penn and Teller

    In my opinion, when performing for another magician with the sole purpose of "fooling" them one must employ a very different or "modified" form of misdirection. In a way not so different then all of you misdirect your audience, Jay misdirected Penn and Teller. Our deceptions rely on our...
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    "Work smarter not harder." Alan Lakein "Work smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies." Scrooge McDuck via Carl Barks
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    Magicians/Cardists in Maine!

    I'm in Maine. Winter just won't let go here! Tried to send you a message but that isn't an option on your profile. Go ahead and send me a message!
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    needle broke inside my hand help

    I would go to straight the ER before anything gets permanently damaged.
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    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Amazing - Beautiful - Inspirational!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl XLVIII

    Winner: Denver Broncos Score: 23-17 OR Winner: Seattle Seahawks Score: 26-20
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    Question about "clocking" a deck of cards

    Sounds a lot like card counting....interesting technique. Gold star to whoever can name this movie reference: Iris: So, what are you doing in Las Vegas? Raymond: We're counting cards. Iris: You're counting cards? Raymond: We're counting cards.
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    Decoy Question

    Check out this video just posted in the Media section: This shows you what is possible with Decoy with the right handling.
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    White Magic: My Review

    The simple answer - no. David Blaine is a very special case. David did his first special before the "reality" thing really caught on to what it is today. At that time he did not have the same type of obstacles that he would face today. He did not have to compete with dozens of reality shows...
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    White Magic: My Review

    Exactly. I think there was a level of compromise on both sides. Each had to give a little and the result is what we all got to see. Either way I say congratulations to Dan on scoring another television special!
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    White Magic: My Review

    This has been mentioned many times in the thread. It's safe to say we all know just how talented Mr. White is. I'm surprised that no one yet in these 5 pages considered the other side of this show: the network, producers and executives. Dan wanted a show, they want "reality" entertainment...
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    Overstuft or Decoy?

    I can't decide either.....which is why I will be getting BOTH!
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    Holiday 2013 Contest

    No problem - Welcome! To see your points click on the "Elite" button at the top right of the page. If you win points they will show up automatically. If you win stuff like decks of cards then you will get an email at a later date telling you about your win. Theory 11 is shipping out prizes in...
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    No Medallion Sticker?

    Got my Black Jaqks with the Theory 11 logo sticker and a Medallion sticker. On a second order of Red Monarchs and Medallions I also got the logo and medallion stickers.
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    Awesome Prizes (?)

    Just won another 1000 Elite points! So far I won about 2000 points and a deck of (White) Gold Monarchs. Keep Spinning!
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    Awesome Prizes (?)

    I won a deck of white gold monarchs on the first day!
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    Redeem a Spin Win?

    It is a very busy time of year so emails won't be instant. I haven't gotten an email about it yet, and I won on the 6th. I found out from the support ticket I submitted. Rest assured that all wins are recorded and yours will not be overlooked.
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    Redeem a Spin Win?

    I originally had the same question. You will get an email. Prizes are being shipped out in batches. I won a deck of Gold Monarchs on the 6th, and they should ship within a few days of today.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic 2013

    Here is my plan B entry. The first one didn't work out so well.
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    Ohh, ok. When the pop up came up all it said was "Gold Monarchs". So that's what I expected to get. Would be cool to still get them. I'm still very happy that I got a deck though!
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