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  1. Austin Fields

    Weekly Magic Failure?

    There are several examples on his site, you can search the magic community websites for specifics. The blog has been around a long time, and most magicians have come across it at one point or another. If you want examples, dig for them. If you're not willing to dig for your answers, you deserve...
  2. Austin Fields


    North county, and about 10 years, professionally for 5. PM me if you can
  3. Austin Fields


    I am, and there's a couple others on here from SD, I believe.
  4. Austin Fields

    Lets Talk...

    I'll try to help, but you'll have to help me by answering a few questions; How old are you, how much experience do you have in magic? (Like seriously studying the art as a whole, not just learning sleights/routines, but developing an act/sets/character/showmanship) Where have you performed...
  5. Austin Fields

    About yesterday part three.

    That would be awesome, thank you.
  6. Austin Fields

    About yesterday part three.

    I haven't read about anyone specifically describing the ins and outs of the box. However, it has been said there is more to the box than the combination and the decks of cards, that there is mystery in the box itself. This could be the reason nobody's talking about it. I'm just not sure how...
  7. Austin Fields

    Who's better Luke Jermay or Paul Turner?

    I love both of their work, however I will make a disclaimer: For those interested in "mentalism", their work looks INCREDIBLE. For those currently working to be 'mentalists', most of their work is daunting. It's not the type of material you can just pick up and do. You'll be fooling yourself...
  8. Austin Fields

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    I think there's some misunderstanding as to some of the things discussed in this thread, and the attitudes and motivations of the 'critics'. There's a difference between being open to criticism, and responding to questions and criticisms. When enough people step forward and say they felt a...
  9. Austin Fields

    Question about the Mystery Box re: the 826 Charity

    Theory11 doesn't donate the $1, BadRobot does. It seems small but it's important to give credit where credit is due, more importantly, don't let theory11 accept credit for someone elses charity.
  10. Austin Fields

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    I really like this box, it looks awesome and I'm a sucker for red/black decks. That being said, I really wasn't going to chime in, but there have been several unfair or unreasonable things said or implied in this thread that need to be challenged. ? My first question is, why are the people...
  11. Austin Fields

    Tablehopping experiences

    I like lists. Here's some advice that I feel helped me the most. 1) Our advice is not gospel. It's important to remember that we can only give you advice from our experiences. What works for us may not work for you, and it's important to lend credibility to your own observations. If...
  12. Austin Fields


    This. This a thousand times. Financially, I'm not sure how this would work. I understand that Theory11 has a close relationship with Bicycle. William, forgive me to for using your brilliant idea as a springboard to bounce a few minor, additional ideas. Ranging from most to least feasible...
  13. Austin Fields

    How to be confident

    Two things I've found helped me quite a bit in this area. The first is something Max Maven mentioned on a DVD, admitting that his confidence didn't come until he finally messed up a part of his show...and nothing happened. He wasn't stoned to death or boo'd off stage - he moved forward with...
  14. Austin Fields

    Softening Coins

    Go to a local coin shop and ask if they have some worn ones, and ask if they have any "slicks".(very worn coins they intend to sell for melt value)
  15. Austin Fields

    Is failing worth it?

    Max Maven mentioned on one of his tapes, that his confidence came from finally failing in front of a crowd - and realizing the world didn't end. Get used to failing. I tend to enjoy going for risky effects now, because I know I can find a way to back out, but it would be a miracle if I hit...
  16. Austin Fields

    great mentalism

    Craig, I agree with your additions, however a few of them seem advanced to begin with. I know it's been a long time since you've been an amateur mentalist, but when I went to apply things like cold reading and muscle reading - it seemed overwhelming to add in addition to all the new...
  17. Austin Fields

    great mentalism

    Hey man, I've just made the transition to doing mentalism over the last 3 years (yes, 3 years). I'll share some of what I've learned about mentalism with you. Things I've Learned Mentalism, like great magic, is a combination of several performance techniques. It's also not for everybody, and...
  18. Austin Fields

    California :Meetups/Jams

    I'll meet up at the Magic Apple if you guys are serious or SoCal in general
  19. Austin Fields

    Very Important Question!

    yes you do have to chose one, yes it is a waste of $20. Shipping from T11 and Ellusionist tends to be pretty pricey, especially if you're international.
  20. Austin Fields

    The tricks with the best reactions

    I think the reason I disagree with this statement is because "French Kiss" is a presentation. It's a presentation on the classic two card transposition effect, which I've heard several "originators" of. Hitting them "hard" is also a relative statement. Hard hitting compared to...? Something...
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