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  1. Austin Fields

    A Change for Summer (The Summer Change)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that I've released a change that's been on my "session only" material list for the last couple years. If we've hung out at a convention, I've probably shown you this. What I haven't shown to many people are the applications I've created...
  2. Austin Fields

    My Erdnase Variation

    Hey guys, I bought a new camera and have decided to film and share some of my ideas. In the magic I perform I tend to make small changes and create subtleties instead of trying to make large changes at once. Naturally things start to look less and less like their original, and I think this is...
  3. Austin Fields

    Art Is Dead

    If you don't know Bo Burnham, you should. Here's a song he wrote about art, and being a comic. It's just as easily applied to magic and it's direction recently. Just listen and tell me what you think and how you relate it to magic and being a magician or hobbiest or flourisher etc etc Art is...
  4. Austin Fields

    If An Octopus Could Palm..

    This review may be brief, but it will be honest. That much I can promise. The book is only about 80 pages, however it's almost children's book sized, but I believe that was the intent once you get a good look at the cover and the little octopus illustrations on some of the pages. The book...
  5. Austin Fields

    LA/San Diego based magicians and anywhere between

    Hey guys, I know there's some magicians in the area mentioned. There used to be a monthly meet up in the area- I make somewhat frequent trips up to parts of LA, and maybe we can get some sessions going. Either post or pm me if you're interested, where you're at, and what time frame would work...
  6. Austin Fields

    ok - this abuse needs to end.

    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." Before you click the link I'm going to post, here's a disclaimer. I used to be very against self proclaimed "PUAs" (Pick up artists) and for the most part, I still am. However, very similar to magic, PUA has been given a very bad reputation...
  7. Austin Fields

    Bad magic jokes.

    Guys I think it's time for some serious topics. This isn't one of them. Time for bad magic jokes! I'll start. How much does it cost to be great at flourishing?! Just a couple of Bucks.
  8. Austin Fields

    Cheap Rare cards

    Hey guys, Not sure if it's ok to post this here, the forum rules are more satiric than informative. I'm looking to get rid of some cards to help me through a bit of a financial drought. They're starting really cheap so I hope you're enticed to bid. I think this is a great deal on these...
  9. Austin Fields

    Magic-con 2011

    I was really surprised this is right around the corner! Who's coming?? And what are you most excited for? I'll be there, and I'm really excited for David Williamson and Lennart Green.
  10. Austin Fields

    Review - Clench by Calen Morelli

    Here's a review on the effect Clench Effect: You have the spectator select a card, sign if need be, and shuffle the card back into the pack. You then perform "under pressure" a beautiful flourish most people know. And grab the card out, as they're flying by...with your teeth...
  11. Austin Fields

    TiVR- a simple transpo

    This effect started a huge argument and finally an agreement to disagree between keosilver and I. So keo I hope you'll respond with some harsh comments on this video. I did it at a table just to keep my crotch out of the shot haha. Anyway I hope you guys like my variation and see it as...
  12. Austin Fields

    Coin magic video

    coin vimeo video Hey guys, just wanted some input on these routines
  13. Austin Fields

    Kings County Fair

    Hey guys, if anyone is going to be in the kings county area, I'm working the fair (non-magic related) but if anyone wants to meet up or jam send me a PM or text me at 858-342-7352. I'll be up here the 8th- 11th so let me know. Thanks for your time
  14. Austin Fields

    Art - Performance Art - Entertainment

    Hello everyone, There has been much debate about this between me and my girlfriend. She is a dancer, I am best described as an entertainer. I should start by laying down how I define the three terms found in the title of this blurb. Art to me is an emotional creation, by a person who is...
  15. Austin Fields

    Vloggin Some Theory

    This time it's a bit of theory about telling stories and giving your routine context. If any of you saw my last one, you'll know sort of what to expect Anyway, here ya go!
  16. Austin Fields

    Thoughts, Theories, and Magic-Con

    Hey guys! It's Austin, If you guys didn't know my name, I've been in magic now for about six years, and I've been interested in the theory side of things. Well long story short I started a blog, some of my thoughts, mainly things I get from other sources, and describe what they mean to me...
  17. Austin Fields

    Welcome to the first FieldsTheory Blogpost!

    ::: If you don't perform, you're not a magician. Thoughts on magic Hey guys! So I recently started a blog, about my opinions/thoughts/theories on magic I started it off by starting broad, and going to hone into more specific areas later. In this video I go over what I believe magic is...
  18. Austin Fields

    ::: Project Feel-Good 2010 Hey guys, welcome to the post. So what is project Feel-Good? It basically is a project to help improve your magic, by improving your social skills. It's an acknowledged effort to be more kind to more people, which will normally start conversations, but more...
  19. Austin Fields

    Drink Monsters Or Sodas? Here's a Freebee.

    Hey guys, Beans here. Just been sitting on this one for a little while, thought it was time to share it, not that it's really all that secretive, but it's just a fun little thing I do all the time. Anyway, it's a balance thing, I kind of explain what I use it for in the video. Whenever I...
  20. Austin Fields

    Help me out with my stage show...?

    Hey guys, yes, it's my first stage show gotta fill a half hour, but all I need to do now, is to get your opinion on a couple things 1. I need a good stage mentalism trick, pitch me some ideas, I looked at Universal Impression a bit, but anything else would be much appreciated 2...
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