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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Mike.Hankins

    What are your favorite color changes?

    1. The Harbor Change (I had's my baby. lol, and it's available on this site too!!) :) 2. The Impulse Change - Jack Carpenter 3. The Winter Change - My variation.
  2. Mike.Hankins

    One Card Shift or Control

    I teach a one card control from the bottom to the top // top to bottom on my Cannibal Cards download:
  3. Mike.Hankins

    I Need A Method For A Card Trick

    Hey! You should look around, there are plenty methods for levitating cards without the use of strings... Dan Harlan released an effect many years ago called Hover Card. There is a start for ya! :)
  4. Mike.Hankins

    Hard Work is not Work.

    He follows the Christopher Walken ways...
  5. Mike.Hankins

    365 days of magic

    This has been done time and time again by so many people since my man Calen decided to do it. More importantly, WHY are you doing this? Are you trying to get a following? Are you trying to open up your creative sources? Why not just create for yourself, hold on to the gems and then when...
  6. Mike.Hankins

    Whats your favorite deck of cards?

    Good choice! I have always LOVED the Bee Stingers, ESPECIALLY the original ones BEFORE they were reprinted both black and red stock. I still have about 5 of the original decks left, but refuse to open them. lol...
  7. Mike.Hankins

    Magic Pet Peeve?

    Vests. That's my simple answer...
  8. Mike.Hankins

    Tips for good reactions?

    "Good reactions" don't always involve people screaming, running away or punching you about the head, face and neck area. As Ari Gold from Entourage said it best: "Silence is golden, Lloyd." Sometimes a silent reaction is the best reaction. The moment you try to take away that silence, you will...
  9. Mike.Hankins

    Tips on building a show?

    There have been some good suggestions already. Here is what I will contribute: Make your opening something that hits them hard to let them know you mean business. Also make sure it is something you could perform during a typhoon. (Meaning it is so rehearsed and polished, you can focus more on...
  10. Mike.Hankins

    Card sleight DVDs

    Look... If you want DVDs with nothing BUT pure sleights...then check out Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights. The name says it all. We are talking shuffles, passes, forces, color changes, switches, crimps, peeks, controls...etc, etc.
  11. Mike.Hankins

    The Fear of a New Magician

    While I am ALL about someone being unique when it comes to performing, I think it should be known that not everyone who does magic is a good performer. Some have the 'gift of gab' while others well, need help in a lot of ways. If you consider yourself more introverted, you might want to...
  12. Mike.Hankins

    Bar tricks

    When you say bar you mean working behind a bar and performing or just IN a bar performing? :)
  13. Mike.Hankins

    Where to sell my Magic stuff!?

    As someone who has at certain points in my life, lived solely off of magic sales of my products, it doesn't bother me that someone wants to sell their magic collection. I am in the process of ridding of TONS of DVDs and books that I no longer have a use for.
  14. Mike.Hankins

    Bee stingers

    The Stinger Backs have always been my favorite cards since I first got my hands on them in 2009, when JB let me use them to shoot Harbor Change. If I am not mistaken, there were 2 different runs with the Stingers. The original run and then a second run that also included the option for them in...
  15. Mike.Hankins

    Need advice please

    It is ALL about the way you present yourself. (If you are doing a face to face interview). That is why it is important to look outside magic books and look into books on selling yourself to others. I have been booking gigs for almost 20 years and I can say that PERSONALLY, the gigs I have...
  16. Mike.Hankins

    Need advice please

    Would you kindly share your experience with booking gigs? Just curious to know. Because maybe it's all in the Invisible Deck, and I have been doing it allll wrong for 20 years. :( I want to stress that I am not trying to be rude at all. I am trying to understand your logic and where you are...
  17. Mike.Hankins

    Beginner looking for advice

    Do NOT "go" to 52kards... He might be skilled, but he teaches routines and sleights that are not his to give away for free... Do NOT support that kinda of crap.
  18. Mike.Hankins

    Beginner looking for advice

    YouTube for a beginner - BUZZZZZZ! No...just no. Yes there ARE some "OK" videos out there but most are taught very poorly. Let me make some suggestions for you: If card magic is your thing, then let me suggest Card College. It's a multiple volume book set that needs to be in your...
  19. Mike.Hankins

    Need advice please

    OK, now I have to ask what PROOF? Are you ASSUMING that spectator's react better to magic done in their hands, or did you bring some sort of noise meter to gauge db levels per effect that you perform? Look ALLLL the way back to DB: Street Magic. Remember when he bit the coin in half? Did you...
  20. Mike.Hankins

    Need advice please

    It's not about winning or losing. It's about being able to entertain anytime, anywhere with any thing. If you rely on gaffs and gaffed decks to perform your magic because YOU feel as if it gets a stronger reaction, then maybe you need to look at the effects you are doing... If you book gigs and...
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