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    What's your favorite control?

    Peek Control Riffle Pass D.F.'s Dribble Pass Dribble Pass Diagonal Palm Shift (Vernon Method) (With Several ways that I get into it) Ricky's Cherry Control Out of these. one of the easiest and most deceptive is the peek control.
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    Is it legal?

    well, you can sue them. You can take all they've got! also, it IS possible that a few people around the world have come up ith the sam eideas? honestly I mean.. pressure.. that effect is sooo old. When you think about it.. just check out Harry Lorrayne's Apocolypse. Man things...
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    Tiny Chat

    why don't we just post a room whenever someone here wants to chat.
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    Tip about AFI from the Avenue DVD

    This is soooooooo flippin old and obvious... He was just advertising the S&M decks.. lol. Arent you like 6 months late.. Sorry to be so harsh.. but still bro..
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    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    We have had our fair share of fun. P.S. Danny, if you're out there.. I threw away your Chik Fil A cup!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have a pic of you on my phone that I will blackmail you with.. muahahahah.. (Probably)
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    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    If I was in a room next to DG.. I would probably ask him where the F my magic magazine issue of him is at. I would also ask him why he ripped up my force card. I would also ask him why he took my friend's camera and deleted the pretty picture. I would also ask him when we are going to...
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    Chad Nelson Lecture CD

    Look what I found on eBay while browsing.. This isn't mine, but I thought that it might be worth something to someone.
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    Banachek Lecture

    I'm going to his lecture today in Garden City, Michigan.
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    Ambitious Card - 'what sleights do you use?'

    Maybe one double lift, a pass or two ( including a top card cover pass), some discrepancy scwitches. *Miracles*
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    Close-Up Pad Cleaning

    Lint rollers work well. It really just depends on the material used. I mainly have velvetine pads which need special treatment and need to be treated delicately.
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    Finally :: IBM Convention

    I wil not be at the IBM convention, but I am anticipating to attend the Abbots convention as well as TAOM. Have fun at IBM!
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Daniel Garcia Effect : EXTENDED

    Haha, awesome.. Thanks for the honorable mention. I still have loads of more footage to go through from Cedar Point.. but this was all I could find at the spur of the moment. Many more great videos to come! Congratulations Z-Magic
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Daniel Garcia Effect : EXTENDED

    Here's an entry of mine.. Kinda random. I did the Ego change at the end with a modified ego force.
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    ill be at cedar point in ohio june 26, 27, 28 is anyone wants to go and session.. I'm down =)
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Hm.. last time I checked, around the corner was only about 15 minutes instead of 20.
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Yeah, my bad lol..
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Well, whenever you wanna jam or somethin, just hit me up. =D
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Ok guys, if you wanna meet up today.. I will be at the Wunderground shop in Clawson, Michigan. I'll get there around 1:30
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    Cheapest place to buy Tally-Ho?

    Jamie is the best.. I deal with him frequently.
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