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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Mike.Hankins

    Really "OLD" Magic Instructional VHS tapes FOUND!

    This was a concept video and only a concept for an idea I had. The character itself would NOT be the final product character so as such, I took the link down...
  2. Mike.Hankins

    At the Table Lectures: What do YOU want to see?

    Peeps! Peepettes! Sirs and Madams! Just wanted to take a few minu-toes to discuss with you At the Table Live Lectures, it's format and the direction it's heading in. We have already had a great kick off season with Michael Ammar, ya boy Danny Garcia, Jason England, the Romanian romancer Alex...
  3. Mike.Hankins

    At The Table: Marcus Eddie - July 2, 2014

    Whats up peeps and peepettes?!? Soooooo July 2nd is gonna be awesome! Fellow Theory11 arteeeest Marcus Eddie will be presenting a 2+ hour lecture on what makes him so damn cool. Actually, he will be presenting his lecture on close up magic. This lecture is gonna be sick. VERY visual stuff here...
  4. Mike.Hankins

    Selling Some magic...

    Hey guys and gals... I have a ton of DVDs and books that I am looking to sell to anyone who may be interested. PM me if interested and ill tell ya what I have!!!
  5. Mike.Hankins

    Selling Yourself, NOT Your Pass...

    The more conventions I attend, the more magicians I meet, it seems that more times than not, everyone I come in contact with is more worried about how invisible their Pass is. But honestly, how much of that do we really need? What about the ones who make a living performing magic. Do you think...
  6. Mike.Hankins

    Eclipse by Eric Jones: A Review

    Hey Guys and Gals! Mike Hankins here...stopping by to give you guys a review of my good friend Eric Jones' new stunner, Eclipse. Now I know this has not been out that long for a real review to be posted, but I am basing my review on the move itself. Eric showed this to me SEVERAL months ago...
  7. Mike.Hankins

    DRESSCODE by Calen Morelli REVIEW

    Hello guys and girls! Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I picked up DRESSCODE, and wanted to give my personal review of it all... I am not going to give it any sort of number reviews...(4/5 for this, or 2/3 for that) I am just gonna tell you what I think of everything...
  8. Mike.Hankins

    "Street Magicians" From Denny Haney of Denny & Lee's

    My good friend and mentor Denny Haney recently sent out this "essay" that I think needs to be read by everyone... Please enjoy it... Mike Hankins FROM DENNY HANEY: A FEW THOUGHTS ON “CLOSE UP” MAGIC. I was just sitting and thinking about how much magic has changed since David...
  9. Mike.Hankins

    New iPhone Effect - Mike Hankins

    Hey guys... I am on here quite often, responding to various posts and just overall trying to be as active as I can with the magic community. For many many many months now, I have played around with the iPhone and what could be done with it. Various Apps have been created for us like Mr...
  10. Mike.Hankins

    What Should Criss Angel's Next 1-on-1 Be?

    This is a fun little project we are going to keep on with so as long as it remains The Q is, what do you want us to spoof next? Will look at the results on Wednesday, 4/7. Thanks :) Mike
  11. Mike.Hankins

    Criss Angel revealing theory11 videos?

    Wow, I can't believe
  12. Mike.Hankins

    B.Smith/Dan Hauss Lecture 2.26.10

    For any magicians local to Denny & Lee's Magic Studio in Rosedale, MD... Dan Hauss and Bob Smith will be giving a DOUBLE lecture this friday (2.26.10) at 7:30pm. The cost at the door is $20. TWO FOR ONE peeps!!!! This is definitely a rare opportunity you really shouldn't pass on... Mike
  13. Mike.Hankins

    Recently, I was introduced to Tinychat...a place where fellow magicians get together and have a virtual jam session. I have seen the chat room with as much as 16 people at once, all the way down to 2 people. Regardless of how many people are on, the chats are always interesting and I see a...
  14. Mike.Hankins

    Vernon Wallpaper...

    Check it out boys and girls. I found this over at the Magic Cafe. Pretty cool wallpaper... Enjoy! Mike
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