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    David Blaine, since he is my inspiration. And Bill Malone because his work with cards is incredible, and I think I could learn a lot about presentation from a guy like him. Although Malone and Blaine are on both ends of the presentation spectrum, I would love to learn from them both. BILL...
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    RIOT by Dan Hauss - Details & The Dizzle - Friday, October 31st

    What's with you guys: Fans alot and Mills. [edited]? Alright Dane Cook... Is that really needed. So you two disagree, I get that and I'm sorry that one insulted another. Take your argument somewhere else because nothing is being accomplished by you two. This is about the 1 on 1 section and...
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    Biddle trick reveal with blank suggestion

    I love the idea of having them forget the card and then it not being there. I also think the blank card is an awesome addition. If you get it worked out, let me know how it went. That sounds like a great idea and something I would perform as well. Orin
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    King Rising Levitation Practicality

    Yeah, I bought KR about a year ago and I have never used it. I thought it would be a totally awesome and new way to levitate, and trust me it is a cool method, but I have never found a practical use for it. Levitation has never really fit into my own routine so it doesn't fit with anything I...
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    The Learned Pig

    Nice, The Learned Pig Project is a free online resource for magicians that has hundreds of texts and materials. You have to apply for membership to access the site though. Orin
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    The Learned Pig

    I've been searching the forums here and I can't seem to find any posts about the Learned Pig Project. I specifically remember people talking about it a lot earlier this year. My question is, how long did it take to get accepted by the site? I sent in an application and I haven't heared...
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    Breaking the Magician's Code

    I feel pretty much the same way you do about this. The first trick that I ever learned was from a show just like this actually! So at the start I thought it was great because someone was putting magic out there and it just so happens that I was interested in it at the time and so the fire...
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    Christian Illusionist / Magicians

    I'm a christain magician as well. I think that it would be a little akward to try and put the word into your magic. The only way I can see this really working is to actually perform magic shows that are based off of some sort of message. I know a company around where I live that actually does...
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    I use a lot of eye contact. Or I tell a story during the trick to get the person thinking about what I'm saying and not what I'm doing so they are more easily distracted by the things around them, this causes them to look around more often than they look at me sometimes. I also like to be a...
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    Dive of Death - Clarification

    Oh come on! Aren't you being a bit ridiculous here? So what? He messed up. We all have messed something up at some point and the really let our spectators down. But that doesn't mean anyone should be berated because they screwed up. It seems like you're just pissed cause it was David...
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    eXile by Mathieu Bich

    Where will we be able to find this effect, or is it out? I had never heard or seen anything like this until the special and it blew my mind. I'm pretty much just a card man, but this makes me want to expand. Orin
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    Classics of Card Magic

    I might suggest a spelling trick like Gray's Spelling from Royal Road. It's simple and you probably already know it. It was pretty easy to figure out some sort of patter for it. I can pm you what I normally use for patter if you're interested. Orin
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    What was the worst you have ever messed up?

    My worst mess up was when I performed a trick that involved shapeshifter at the end and instead of the card changing, the dl sprung out of my fingers and... well you can imagine what it looked like. Cards in the face people laughing, it sucked.
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    Ring Manipulation

    Oh well I guess that would make sense. Thanks for helping me out. Orin
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    Ring Manipulation

    I actually found that at Penguin. Just search for ring thing.
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    Ring Manipulation

    Is there any place that sells rings exclusively for magic or should I just got to a mall and look around for something? Thanks for answering my last question. Orin
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    Ring Manipulation

    Does De'vo have his own website? I can't find it anywhere... I read in another review of De'Ring that if you buy the DVD from his website you get free access to his forums to discuss the DVD and all that jazz. I know I can get the DVD on Ellusionist, but I just wanted to see if that was true...
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    Smoke and Mirrors

    Does anyone happen to know when there will be another release of these decks? I've been looking at them and they seem like they would fit my style of magic. Thanks, Orin
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    Ignore this thread Never mind I just saw another thread with the same topic so I'll follow that one. Sorry bout that.
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    I have a quiestion for anyone that knows. Where would be a good place to start with ring magic and manipulations? I was looking on Ellusionist at De'vo De Ring but it says that the skill level is high so I'm not sure that is something I want to go with. Do you guys have any suggestions...
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