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  1. Sirtaco

    Getting Old!

    LOL! I made this post 2 years ago and this week I I finally found something that works. I got mine at Lowes
  2. Sirtaco

    New site question?

    Site looks cool, but we use to have a 1-on-1 section either I cant find it or the site is isnt user friendly enough for me to find it....Help Please.
  3. Sirtaco

    Help Us Stop Magic Piracy

    This should be locked and sticky.
  4. Sirtaco

    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    This sucks I just got home from work, I got the e-mail at 11 AM today about a coupon, I go to use it the "View Cart" says : NOTE: Due to misuse and abuse by a select few customers, all coupon codes are currently DISABLED. Then I go to "Check Out" for the heck out it, where I would enter...
  5. Sirtaco

    On The Loss of Michael Jackson :: 06.25.09

    I'm sure he wasnt the one that first created the idea, but my comment was just to show yas that he had a method patented.
  6. Sirtaco

    On The Loss of Michael Jackson :: 06.25.09

    He was even a magic inventor...anti-gravity illusion
  7. Sirtaco

    Pirate Playing Cards

    The pippoglyph playing cards are no different then bikes, I like them alot and they look cool. You can buy these from the artist:
  8. Sirtaco

    Search and Destroy Ft. Nowhere Pass

    The trick is very easy. The thing I liked about the DVD is the teacher. Aaron is a great teacher!
  9. Sirtaco

    R Paul Wilson - Fan 2 C

    I'm thinking about getting the video just to compare, heck its half the price. I think that movie "Shade" made it known, you know all those newcomers to magic had to have this trick after they saw it on that movie.
  10. Sirtaco

    R Paul Wilson - Fan 2 C

    This has been in print for a while now:
  11. Sirtaco

    White Centurions - How much?

    White Centurions - How much?
  12. Sirtaco

    Bringing People to Jesus through Magic

    Christianity not a religion? Thats news to me!
  13. Sirtaco

    Bringing People to Jesus through Magic

    Who was being uncivil? All I said was “Evangelist uses many methods to scam people out of their money”. That’s not true? Then I'm wrong.
  14. Sirtaco

    Bringing People to Jesus through Magic

    This thread is about religion and this Theory11 is about magic. Period! Thats way this should be closed.
  15. Sirtaco

    Bringing People to Jesus through Magic

    Evangelist using magic, what’s new? Evangelist uses many methods to scam people out of their money. This tread needs to be CLOSED! ASAP
  16. Sirtaco


    Beside magic (18 years) Play guitar and bass guitar (24 years) Play poker (This is like my part time job now a days) Making poker tables Plus I'm getting ready to start making something everyone here might be interested in. Keep an eye on my site Taco's Poker Knights
  17. Sirtaco

    Daniel Madison’s ‘Hunger’ ends with hospitalization.
  18. Sirtaco

    THREAD - Protected Forum Access Information

    I think a better question is "Where is this protected forum?"
  19. Sirtaco


    Everyone is aloud to have an opinion, but I really don’t think this opinion is true, I think David Blaine is responsible for the magicians’ growth. I’ve been into magic about 7 years before Blaine hit the scene, but when he did it got me more interested then ever. He used tricks that I all ready...
  20. Sirtaco

    Your First DVD?

    I dont remeber the first DVD I got but many, many years ago the very first thing I ever got was. Michael Ammar's - Easy to Master Card Miracles Set
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