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  1. A - THE BOTTOM LINE with Chris Kenner + Jason England

    Richard Turner, Gary Plants, Steve Forte, Darwin Ortiz, Gene Maze, and myself were mentioned in conjunction with the bottom deal. The book with the trick Jason described that he couldn't remember is Lessons in Dishonesty by Laurie Ireland
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    Triumph Variation

    Looks like some version of the A Total Triumph from Cummins's FASDIU II notes. The basic methodology involves the Tenkai Optical Reverse. On this front you can slow this move down a lot and it's still deceptive; you moved quite quickly here which increased the suspicion of foul play. The...
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    An 8 card transposition through pockets

    I remember editing the written description of the trick (and others) for one of Duvivier's sets of notes. Hopefully I can add some advice to make it stronger for you: Duvivier has a very idiosyncratic way of both speaking and handling the cards. A fair number of his routines don't lend...
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    Arnaud Chevrier

    I met Arnaud in Paris at a cafe in 2003. I was sitting with Bebel and one of my friends and he stopped by. He's a student of Bernard Billis, which probably accounts for the proficiency of his double work. He does nice work. So does Bebel; it still amazes me the level of technical difficulty of...
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    Cascade Control

    It's described in Racherbaumer's Card Finesse 2, but the description is very hard to learn from. I'm not aware of a easy-to-learn-from description. I've seen it done well by Andrew Wimurst and BJ Bueno; I hear Paul Chosse is quite adept at it too.
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    Name of this Colour Change

    It's taught in Carpenter's Expert Portfolio #1. It's also on his videos. He has a pretty neat version of Chicago Opener with it; worth checking out.
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    Can You Sign the Card Right Across the Face? An Essay On Proving Your Magic.

    My favorite quotation along these lines is Simon Aronson's: "There's world of difference between not knowing how something is done and knowing it can't be done." I'm all for multiple layers of proving. The issue comes whether or not something is a tool for further proof or whether it just...
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    Guardians in Maxim Magazine

    It's not an ad. It's part of the holiday gift guide, selected by Maxim. A few design sites on the web have also picked up on the Guardians. i think it's a testament to their coolness more than anything. They're suggested in the magazine for poker players; no mention of magic. Also...
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    One of The Single Greatest Effects I've Ever Seen

    It sounds like a handling of Brother John Hamman's Micro Macro. It's a great trick. You can find it in The Secrets of Brother John Hamman by Richard Kaufman. It's also marketed as a separate trick. The Kaufman book is filled with some wonderful stuff and well worth the money.
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    Dai Vernon's slow motion ace vanish - HELP!

    I've seen old footage of Vernon doing this; it looks great. Having said that, however, I've never met anyone else who can do it. The problem you have is the common one: getting it to stay under the nail. The only conclusion I've been able to draw is that Vernon may just have had a "special" thumb.
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    Vernon Revelations

    I'd recommend these only if you already have a solid foundation. There's some invaluable tips hidden on the videos, but they're things you'll probably understand the value of only if you're already familiar with what is being discussed. They're a must watch series at some point, but without...
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    Cylinder and Coins- and where the good stuff is!

    Just because someone makes $500 a night does not make it a legitimate, relevant piece. It might be a lighthearted diversion and get the money; but that does not make it equate to being taken seriously. Most people will tip a Busker $1-10 for giving them an enjoyable few minutes. I seriously...
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    Scotch and Soda VS. Dime and Penny

    The best trick I've seen with the Dime and Penny is Garrett Thomas's. You can find it on Volume 1 of Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas (DVD). It's called "14 Cents."
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    Cylinder and Coins- and where the good stuff is!

    The only modern performances of Cups and Balls I've ever enjoyed and that I'd consider a legitimate piece are Johnny Thompson's and Ricky Jay's from his 52 Assistants show. Both of them put the piece in a historical context, so that it is not a representation of magic of the times, but rather a...
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    To Chris Kenner

    I'll repeat: "The purpose of a fast pass is so that the audience's attention doesn't have to linger from the deck for too long." There's nothing wrong with a pass being fast; but, some of the fastest passes (many of which are by people claiming invisible passes) I've seen are the most...
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    Houdini or Erdnase?

    The writing saying that it was shown to him by Houdini doesn't provide an indicator one way or another if Houdini invented it or not. In 1902 no one really cared about crediting moves in print. Also, there is a slight difference between the moves, but it isn't the one mentioned. In 1902 the...
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    Card Paranoia::..Affecting Your Performance?

    Anyone who knows me well knows I usually butcher a deck of cards by the time I'm finished with it. When I used to practice all the time, I went through at least a deck a day. Different people have different ways of handling the deck. You can treat it lightly, but don't be afraid of it; you're...
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    Good performing experiences?

    Still for me the most memorable experience, probably because it happened early on, occurred years ago in high school. I used to ride the public train back and forth to school and would perform for people on the train to kill time. One day someone (and I still remember that his name was Seth)...
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    To Chris Kenner

    There's a difference between doing a pass invisibly and doing it fast. The idea of doing a pass quickly and invisibly started back with Krenzel and then Dingle. I've watched Bob White do the pass; I mention him because Miller's name was brought up and Bob was a vas a very close friend and...
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    Cylinder and Coins- and where the good stuff is!

    This trick to me is more interesting as an academic study than an actual modern performance piece; it feels and looks antiquated (I place Cups and Balls in the same category). The only interesting performances of it I've seen are derivative of Tim Conover's work and place it in a historical...
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