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  1. JPIllusions

    2 (new?) color changes

    These are my 2 new ones i think, Strobe Change and Courier Technique. Feedback? More for the 2nd one, the first one isn't 100% practical but it is usable in some situations.
  2. JPIllusions

    Ring Routine

    Anybody want to do a ring routine? not as in linking rings, i mean like finger rings... well you can link them if you want but yah, Do a full routine, with as many tricks as you'd like Music or patter No editing
  3. JPIllusions

    3 Coin Vanishes

    Here's the rules Do 3 different coin vanishes Editing allowed (doesnt effect trick) Music is allowed 3 clips can be seperate Any 3 coin vanishes you know Who's down?:p
  4. JPIllusions

    FancyBand Download - Not Working

    Having trouble with fancy band download. I can only hear the audio, the video comes out as a bunch of weird colored stripes across the screen window... help?
  5. JPIllusions

    My ACR

    This is my ACR. I know the card handling wasn't very flow in some parts, but i think the routine was alright. Does anybody have any suggestions? Critisism? Comments? Was my pass ok? Thanks -JP
  6. JPIllusions

    Average Joe False Shuffle

    This is a false shuffle i created Questions. Did i create this? Does it look good? Is it too obvious? I have used this in performance many times and although it might seem obvious to you (idk if it does) it definitely doesn't to laymen. It...
  7. JPIllusions

    Next step?

    I'm a beginner flourisher and I need to know what cuts to learn next. So far i have learned -charlier -revolution -werm -190 helix
  8. JPIllusions

    Transpo Battle

    Who would like to do a transpo battle with one small catch... no cards or coins! Could be a random object, could be yourself=) lol. Be creative. You can do 2 different ones Rules - 1 or 2 transpositions or "teleports" -No cards can be used -No coins can be used -No camera tricks can be...
  9. JPIllusions

    Only Four

    There is a trick from the Daniel Garcia project volume 2, called only four. Its basically a coin matrix using only 4 coins. The steps are a bit complicated, but i think its a really good trick. Does anyone use this much?
  10. JPIllusions

    Custom cards reviews

    Just all the custom decks i have 1. Black tigers look- They look pretty cool, i like the black, and i got the red pips. The backs are pretty sweet but i think the fronts lack flare. It just seems that the plain black bycicle is a bit boring to me feel- They feel pretty nice, fan...
  11. JPIllusions

    In Between The Lines

    A card to book concept i'm working on. Sorry that i look wigger-ish in this video, i don't know why i had that beater on. I shouldve gone dan hauss and got out my old mega v neck. Feedback would be much appreciated
  12. JPIllusions

    Rope Magic?

    Any one want to battle in a rope magic routine? -doesn't have to be a continuous routine -could be diff shots for diff tricks -editing and music is fine
  13. JPIllusions


    Ive been into cardistry for about 2 weeks, and i know, i shouldn't be making up my own cuts, BUT,... i just liked how this one looks. its very quick and simple, and i know its not special at all but i kinda like it. I can also do revolution, a version of sybil, and a charlier so please dont give...
  14. JPIllusions

    Site Security

    OH NO! I believe that there is someone hacking the system here. When my mom was typing in here credit card number my computer shut down! Then when it came back up there was a warning saying that there was a screen shot taking worm on the computer! AH! The warning was from "Windows Protection" ...
  15. JPIllusions

    Daily Tricks

    I have a few tricks that i use daily. They are... Hand To Mouth my ACR Refined by Josh Brand my twist on 3 card monte using gaffed cards what do you guys use all the time?
  16. JPIllusions

    Mask Routine Voting Open

    Me vs. Nexusmagic in "Jeff Mcbride Mask Routine" Please note that this was a very hard battle to do considering the subject was random. Leave suggestions please
  17. JPIllusions

    My Big Deck Order

    so i'm getting a bunch of cards soon. Are they good? are they bad? any suggestions? -2 black tigers -1 shadow master -1 red masters deck -1 ghost deck -1 tally ho viper -2 propaganda decks -1 smoke deck.
  18. JPIllusions

    First starting in flourishing questions

    I'm just starting in flourishing. I know very very basics like the swing cut and a few little things using it. I have invented 2 cuts that look pretty cool. I just have a question. Should i try youtube tutorials and learn cuts, or is it ok to continue making my own? I have tried these tutorials...
  19. JPIllusions

    Color Changes

    3 or 4 color changes effects/ music/ titles are fine editing that effects the trick is not fine any takers?
  20. JPIllusions

    Dry Erase Deck?

    I don't know if this product exists but it should. Either a special deck, marker, or spray that you can use to have a spectator sign a card and later be able to wipe the signature away and use the card again. I get bothered by losing cards to signatures, i just think it would make sense to make...
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