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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. bSmith

    Camera tricks are okay to use in magic

    It isn't an argument, but to be clear, if Craig is arguing with Mike then Craig is arguing with David Copperfield himself. I was sitting next to them both when Mike asked David about this. Craig, how exactly were you a part of this or any of Davids illusions?
  2. bSmith

    bSmith vs. Justin Miller controversial lecture tour

    In the era of bad reality shows filled with half scripted drama and pointless conflict, I chose the above title to entice the readers of this thread with some possible drama. It's the latest trend of distraction techniques that seem to work very well... so I figured I would try it. Anyway...
  3. bSmith

    A Public Apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers

    Like I said, Im rooting for you Justin. I never said anything untrue or offensive. If you really intend on paying everyone back then I dont see why you would have a problem with it. I never said I dont want anyone coming to your aid and support Im sure we could all agree that "taking...
  4. bSmith

    A Public Apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers

    Thank you for your public apology Justin. I do hope that you take responsibility for your actions and really do pay EVERYONE back this time. I can understand where Creeper is coming from and perhaps he is a bit harsh but it is important to know that many people have heard you use these...
  5. bSmith

    Deck Switches

    Derren Browns got a great one on his lecture dvd. Although he doesn't teach it. Tommy Wonder has a very simple one. IMHO, and from allot of experience, the easiest best way is to have someone select a card, turn your back while they show it to everyone and just switch it in your pocket...
  6. bSmith

    MAGIC☆CON :: Podcast with a Presenter - Michael Weber

    Great interview! I love Weber's approach to the art. Especially the points about focusing on individuality in magic, which is what art and expression is all about. Looking forward to checking out those references. bSmith ps Some nice gems of thought towards the very end of the...
  7. bSmith

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    I guess that screen capture looks like s. Check out the actual facebook thread on JMs facebook page and feel free to chime in!
  8. bSmith

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    Just a quick update, here's our new ad copy from the infamous Gary Williams!! Dont forget to check out his website Be sure to check out his signed spoon bending routine where he takes 5 spoons out of his pocket for the spectator to choose and sign one of...
  9. bSmith

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    you got it dad
  10. bSmith

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    not quite sure how to take that??
  11. bSmith

    Cell Block - B. Smith

    Thank you for the awesome review Asher! Like I said in the download, this is one of the strongest most requested card effects I do. The series of effects and the climax put people over the top as you see in the demo. I want to mention that I really admire David Stone's cell but its...
  12. bSmith

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    Thank you all for your interest. GLITCH will include allot more than you see on the teaser. Their will be transpositions, vanishes, appearances, changes, impossible locations, coin bend, switches etc. Their will also be some powerful routines from JM and myself, tons of presentation ideas, and...
  13. bSmith

    MAGIC☆CON :: 2nd Podcast + Registration Details - 09/29/09

    Looking forward to Eric Mead! John Lovick doesnt seem like he would really fit in to this convention with his ideological prejudice view of our art. This is a guy who uses his 'position' while reviewing an effect (which is what he's supposed to do) to nitpick the clothes this particular...
  14. bSmith

    M By Daniel Madison

    Great stuff in here! I love d+Ms thinking, I was definitely inspired to go off on a brainstorming session more than a few times throughout. I have to give him mad props for CRUSH! I've been working on a similar plot recently and he just nailed it! His follow up, RUSH, is a great piece of...
  15. bSmith

    DIGITAL CONVICTION | robert smith

    Thank you all for your kind words and support and a special thanks to V for the awesome review. Anyone who would like to purchase an autographed copy of Digital Conviction for $24.95 can paypal me at FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!! FIRST 10 PEOPLE WILL RECEIVE A FREE...
  16. bSmith

    is that your mom?

    is that your mom?
  17. bSmith

    Universal Impression - B. Smith :: Review

    Thanks you all again for your comments and questions. Phil, it is the same exact material, the only difference is that is has a white backing instead of a transparent one... this actually makes the orientation easier to figure out. If your impression is coming out lighter than mine did, try...
  18. bSmith

    Polaroid Change Red/Blue

    Hi Sasasaam, Yes you can! You can visually color change the back while keeping the face the same, or you can visually change the back AND have the face change, if you dont mind ending with a double. Hope this helps! Peace bSmith
  19. bSmith

    Universal Impression - B. Smith :: Review

    Yes, people who have purchased the DVD can order a back up from PCP. You must already have Universal Impression DVD and contact customer service. Cheers! bSmith
  20. bSmith

    "The Raven" huh?.. did you pick that name all by yourself? ;)

    "The Raven" huh?.. did you pick that name all by yourself? ;)
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