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  1. Kaan Akdogan

    Triple C by Christian Engblom - Review

    Hi everyone, in this video I reviewed Triple C - hope you like it :)
  2. Kaan Akdogan

    Leap by Agus Tjiu - Review

    Hi guys, here is my review of Leap by Agus Tjiu - enjoy :)
  3. Kaan Akdogan

    Evanesce by Mike Liu - Review

    Hi guys, On my channel I am reviewing great products every week - here is the latest review:
  4. Kaan Akdogan

    card pull ?

    hi everyone i wanted to ask you if such a gimmick exists: i am looking for a gimmick (a pull) that can be hidden in a deck and when you secretly place a card in it and release the pressure of the deck (under misdirection) it should pull the secretly loaded card off the deck to your back...
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