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    Looking for people with something to say!

    Hello Friends! We're looking for people that have something to say about magic. Articles submitted will be featured on our site. We are looking for thoughts and opinions regarding any topic pertaining to magic. Try to keep your article to 3 or 4 paragraphs. You can include your...
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    Criss Angel - BeLIEve

    I disagree. All of those things could mix. You just need to do better than they did.
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    Criss Angel - BeLIEve

    Hey Guys, There's a review up of Criss Angel's BeLIEve: Criss Angel BeLIEve Review
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    Best bookshop ever!

    Thanks for the enlightenment. Didn't know about that one!
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    When to be Funny?

    You gotta perform these effects the way that feels right to you. Patter and timing always change. Reactions will always vary. You have to be you. Don't get twisted up on what's appropriate. Think outside the box. You wanna make a joke about your pulse stopping, do it. If you wanna be...
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    Money & Magic :: Would It Make A Difference?

    The stock idea is always on my mind. I'm a firm believer. However. I've done stage shows on a dime! It would be great to put together a nicer stage show. 10k would definitely help. Not just spray painted plywood, muslin, mentalism and the vanishing bandanna. I would get some nice...
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    Shadow Coins

    Sadly, you can learn it from any youtube dingbat. But I appreciate you're desire to learn it formally. That shows character and respect. Good on you, lad! PS Shadow coins was originally David Roth's Chink-a-Chink. Check his materials:
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    Classic Palm

    Ridges Don't wash your hands and dont use lotion. There, problem solved. I understand your frustration. I suggest you work with a coin that has nice ridges on it. I always have a ben franklin half in my pocket. For no other reason than I know I can grip it every time. Also, you...
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    This is just plain SICKENING

    It's interesting. The Morgan thing.... I don't think we know all the details there. From what I understood, Morgan performed that guys trick. I may be mistaken, and I will stand corrected if wrong. The only thing you can do to fight the problem is to promise not to buy a magic maker...
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    First Coin Trick

    Bobo rocks. Is it wierd that the first coin sleight I learned was not french drop, but Downs Palm? Just a thought that popped into my head. Books vs. DVDs for coin conjuring. It's a tough battle, I truly believe books are better, though looking at a printed page becomes more daunting...
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    How to deal with "I'll look it up on the internet" help

    That's one reason to hate the internet. There's no secret anymore. Most magic tricks can be found performed poorly or tutorialed on youtube. And youtube doesn't care. It's just magic. Ugh. If someone wants to ruin the trick for themselves, fine. It's your disappointment. When I think...
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    Big Problem...

    Work on patter! Think about presentation and routining. There's plenty you can do in your state. Think about beats. Comedy. How can I freshen up my show. Maybe some mentalism... hypnosis... best I can do.
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    Your Three Favourite Magicians

    Cyril is the best I've seen, Barry and Stuart for their wit and presentation, and David Blaine for his contribution to bringing magic back into the limelight. I'm gonna throw in a least favorite. I hate even saying the word favorite in the same sentence... but.... Chris Angel is my absolute...
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    Your first magic book?

    I didn't start magic pre-internet... But my first books were Mark Wilson's Complete Course, Royal Road, and J.B.Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Books are better than DVDs for two big reasons. There's more information packed into a book than there is in a DVD. Also, learning from a DVD tempts you...
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    Le Grand David

    For those of you in the NYC area, Le Grand David is being honored at Fantasma Magic on 33rd and 7th. October 24th is the date to mark on your calendars! Full details on: -John
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    David Roth

    Heads Up! Just heard the lecture was postponed! It's NOW being held on October 4th!:D He did an interview recently on new magic source:
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    David Roth

    Hey Guys, David Roth is doing a coin workshop here in NYC on Sept 27th. Details are posted:
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    Fielding West

    Thought everyone would like to know, Fielding West will be lecturing in NYC on October 19th. Details are posted on -John
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