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  1. Paper Cinema

    PARALLAX: A Cardistry Short Film

    Something experimental. What do you think?
  2. Paper Cinema

    I made a cardistry short film! PARALLAX Trailer

    Feedback? The final video will be released soon!
  3. Paper Cinema

    CENTRIPETAL: a new kind of cardistry video!

    Watch my new cardistry video Centripetal: It's a blend between a cardistry video and a short film, so see if it's interesting and drop a like if it is. You can subscribe and follow for future videos. Thanks!
  4. Paper Cinema

    Cardistry Short Film: Centripetal Trailer

    Here's the trailer for my upcoming cardistry video Centripetal, a video unlike any before it, blending elements of a short film and a cardistry video: Subscribe and follow for updates.
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