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    Flame Wallet

    I stumbled upon this site... Those seem pretty good for their price.. anyone has one from there?
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    Street magic video- Downtown Montreal

    Hey guys... Me and my friends decided to take a cam and film some street magic This is my first filming and editing street magic Hope you enjoy.. Thanks to Andrew Kramer, to my friends, and of course to all the magic/cardisty community for keeping me doing...
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    Choosing Effects for TV

    Hello, I got a call from a t.v. station, and they want me to come as a guest on one of their show. Now I don't know exactly when this is going to happen, but it will be during the summer. I though of effects I could do keeping in mind that there will be cameras and an audience: -A 4 of...
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    How To Stimulate the Creative Process

    Hey guys... I stumbled upon a video that gives tips on How To Stimulate the Creative Process not only for magic but also for every day problems.. Thought I would share: Hope you enjoy.
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    How to make trick dices

    Hey! Kipkay on youtube just released a video on how to make trick dice... it seems pretty easy so I thought id share.. The idea can be applied to magic(Force, predictions...) Enjoy: Feel free to delete if it is considered as exposure...
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    Advice / Thoughts

    Hi I've been in magic for the past 3 years, I perform about once a day at school or in the street, and I've done about 20 private parties as a close-up magician (mostly table hopping). Today I had the great pleasure to talk with an event organizer, and I asked him if he could get me a place...
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    Name of an effect?

    Hey I am trying to put up a stage routine and I would like to know if anyone knows what is the name of the ring effect in this video: This or any similar ring to anywhere that is not overpriced. Thank You:)
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    Coughing cards

    Hey, Im in card magic for about 2 years now and Ive recently been searching the classic effect of coughing up cards... I can't seem to find it anywhere... I got the basic principle and Idea of the trick but I want to learn it the right way. Here is a video of Justin Kredible performing...
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    Political Shuffle

    Ok so i just stumbled upon this video wich I found really cool!... Please, do not pay attention to the message of this video... It looks like a reverse "Big Tiny"!! Sorry if it has already been posted. EDIT: i just found out that...
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    Puncture coin

    Hey! I wanted to buy a quick visual effect and i stumbled upon Puncture by Alex Linian ( wich seems to be an awesome trick. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and I can't find the trick in Canadian coin. Does anyone know if its beeing sold anywhere...
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    Watch Steal

    hey, i just succeeded my first watch steal ( YEAHH ) and i was wondering what do y say if someone catches you... im using the same presentation as david blaine thank you :)
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    Roughing fluid?

    So, I was on the ellusionist store, and I found this: Roughing fluid. Sorry if its a dumb question, but I dont know what it is:confused:... Thank you :D
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    Hi, im not new to theory11 but this is my first post: Im 16 and im performing magic since last year. Im more in cards, but i like to perform some coin/money magic; I also do some flourishes. I would like to get more into some PK/Levitation, thats why i want to ask if there are other types of...
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