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  1. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need flourish idea!

    greetings everyone I'm making a short film for a project, and one concept I want to do is to have a reverse shot, basically reverse me dropping the cards and doing a flourish. The thing I want to do it in one take, meaning for the flourish I do after dropping the cards (picking them up...
  2. TheDerpsterKoder

    Discuss Ideas and Make New Friends

    YES!!!! Finally! I will definitely join!!
  3. TheDerpsterKoder

    Cardistry Correspondence

    someone should create a website (something simple, not to fancy) where cardists/magicians can put in their general area and then it will spit out the user page ( with their email, instagram ect.) of all the cardists that are near to your area. I don't know much about websites so I'm just...
  4. TheDerpsterKoder


    I just loved how they kept roasting Criss Angel xD
  5. TheDerpsterKoder

    What is the best ACAAN?

    saw this on youtube. thought it looked really good. thoughts? also what about the one that Chris Ramsay usually does in his street vids, the one where the spectator deals down face up into another spectators hand?
  6. TheDerpsterKoder

    Should I get these cards?!

    Thanks everyone for replying. My thinking for the virts though was that they come out every year, and so far, (in my opinion mind) they've been better every year. So a new version should come out later this year which I'll definitely get. Also, the FW17 virts are gonna be around for a while...
  7. TheDerpsterKoder

    Should I get these cards?!

    Hey guys, I recently saw these cards on instagram and really liked them. They where the Draconian WIGHT playing cards by Midnight playing card company. The only problem is that for 2 packs and shipping to South Africa (which is where I live) it will cost $35... which converts to A LOT in my...
  8. TheDerpsterKoder

    Regalia Deck by Shin Lim

    It might be for some people, but for me its perfect. They spring really easily and dribble great. they do bend kinda easy though but like I said, just stick them under a pile of books and you'll be fine
  9. TheDerpsterKoder

    Regalia Deck by Shin Lim

    its an amazing deck and really worth it! just one downside for me personally is that it is EXTREMELY slippy. this is probably due to the gold finish i think. But it goes away after you brake it in and use it for a while. It also does swell (if thats the right word) like it gets kinda clumpy and...
  10. TheDerpsterKoder

    mentalism question and Daniel fernandez's card trick

    haha didn't really think he would tell but any ways thanks for asking!
  11. TheDerpsterKoder

    mentalism question and Daniel fernandez's card trick

    Yes please! as all I have found are people giving advice on where to learn different methods of doing this effect but no one has actually said where to find this exact one. Oh, and seeing as you're going to be with him could you ask where he got the effect where he draws a picture, shows it so...
  12. TheDerpsterKoder

    Royal Road To Card Magic Common Misprint?

    I have a hard back RRCM and I recall seeing fight hand in there to. wierd
  13. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic by lost art magic ideas?

    Hmmmm, I guess but the malice gimmick allows you to show one message (or have nothing and then reveal a cards, etc...) and then change it visually to another. So I’m not sure if it would work with this effect, but I’ll give it some thought. Thanks!
  14. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic by lost art magic ideas?

    Like what ideas does anyone have for malice, which if you don’t know is a gimmick card that reveals a word or whatever on the side of the deck. In the tutorial they give a few ideas such as vanishing a match and making it appear in the side of the deck and then using malice, make the match light...
  15. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic by lost art magic ideas?

    Hey guys Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes xD I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for malic, by lost art. Other then the ones in the tutorial at least. I’ve come up with a few myself but was wondering if anyone else had come up with some good ideas for it. Thanks!
  16. TheDerpsterKoder

    daniel fernandez's mentalism effect

    D Do you know where I could get it or something close? 'cause I looked around and all the drawing duplicates that I've found the spectator shows you their picture and THEN you show your picture, compared to showing them not showing their picture at all until the end like Daniel did.
  17. TheDerpsterKoder

    What product is this?

    I though it might be this
  18. TheDerpsterKoder

    What product is this?

    Hi I recently saw this video on YouTube by Rise magic and I was wondering if anyone knows what the trick is at 10 seconds into the video and where can I learn it? PS: just a side question, whats the effect right in the beginning?
  19. TheDerpsterKoder


    I think I should just clarify, I've been doing magic for almost 3-ish years and I've read quit a few books on performance and patter and such. What I meant by powerful magic is that is very visual/up close/personal like a omni deck or loops or double cross by mark Southworth or something like...
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