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  1. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need flourish idea!

    greetings everyone I'm making a short film for a project, and one concept I want to do is to have a reverse shot, basically reverse me dropping the cards and doing a flourish. The thing I want to do it in one take, meaning for the flourish I do after dropping the cards (picking them up...
  2. TheDerpsterKoder

    Should I get these cards?!

    Hey guys, I recently saw these cards on instagram and really liked them. They where the Draconian WIGHT playing cards by Midnight playing card company. The only problem is that for 2 packs and shipping to South Africa (which is where I live) it will cost $35... which converts to A LOT in my...
  3. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic by lost art magic ideas?

    Hey guys Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes xD I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for malic, by lost art. Other then the ones in the tutorial at least. I’ve come up with a few myself but was wondering if anyone else had come up with some good ideas for it. Thanks!
  4. TheDerpsterKoder

    What product is this?

    Hi I recently saw this video on YouTube by Rise magic and I was wondering if anyone knows what the trick is at 10 seconds into the video and where can I learn it? PS: just a side question, whats the effect right in the beginning?
  5. TheDerpsterKoder


    Hi guys I was wondering if any of you would know of any really powerful magic. What I mean by powerful is that it gets great reactions, is easy-ish to do with some sleight of hand if any ( so like a mentalist effect or something) and is very visual if it is a card trick (so like something like a...
  6. TheDerpsterKoder

    Elastic or non elastic thread?

    Hey! I have a quick quick question. which one do you think is better and for what reason. Elastic invisible thread or non elastic? taking into account that the thread would not be used for a electric reel or something like that, just for levitating stuff.
  7. TheDerpsterKoder

    Super Visual Card Tricks Needed!

    Hey guys I need some type of REALLY visual card trick for a close-up show I'm doing. It doesn't need to be impromptu and can have gaffs but I wont be talking at all during the performance, similar to shin lin. It doesn't really have to have any color changes, and would actually be preferable if...
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