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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Good luck! Heres the link to the photo on Instagram:
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    How do you carry your loops

    So you don’t use the carry case they come with?
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    How do you carry your loops

    So I have had loops for a while and I haven’t been sure how to carry them it’s me. Should I fold the cardboard slip with the loops on it in two, and then put that in my wallet Or should I just leave the cardboard Thing in the black case it comes with and then bring that case of loops. Thanks
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    Busking routining/ walk around routining

    Thanks for all the responses and advice
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    Busking routining/ walk around routining

    Thanks so much for the advice, and just wondering what ACAAN do you use
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    Busking routining/ walk around routining

    Hi, I was looking for some help on both busking routines and closeup walk around routines in these aspects 1. What tricks go down well for these two scenarios (mainly for busking) 2. How long are your routines for each of these situations 3. Do you guys/girls stick by the 3 sets of 3 thing or...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1 queen of clubs Card 2 Jack of diamonds Card 1 3 of clubs Card 2 six of diamonds
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    Yet Another "What is this called" thread! (A Derren Brown card force)

    I think that effect is found in his book “pure effect”
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss

    Heads Tails Tails tails heads
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    Happy Birthday Theory11!!

    Happy Birthday Theory11
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card & Coin Lotto!

    6 of diamonds Tails
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    1st gig help

    Thanks for all the advice
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    1st gig help

    It is in 3 weeks from now and there will be various social groups around the house. And as Casey said I think I will stick to lower risk tricks and self working ones so I can focus on the presentation. Btw how many tricks would I need for 2 hours walk around from table to table/group of people...
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    1st gig help

    Thanks for the in depth responses
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    1st gig help

    It is 3-7 ish but I am only supposed to be performing for an 1-2 hours It is in a house and for 50ish people(who will likely be lounging around conversing) I have been doing magic for about just short of 1.5 years I have performed to mostly those at school family and friends as well as on...
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    1st gig help

    BTw sorry if this the wrong forum, it is my first time posting a new thread
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    1st gig help

    Hi guys, I was recently asked to do my older sister’s 17th birthday (I’m 15) and I would really appreciate tips on what to perform and how to approach people in this sort of walk around setting. (Btw All those who are coming are female) Thanks
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    Gambling techniques

    Awesome! But when is it coming?
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    The Wheel: Day #3

    I got nothing yesterday but today I got a spin again which led to 100 points
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