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    Merry Christmas Theory 11 crew

    First I want to thank Lyle & everyone at T11 I just received a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise in my mailbox today Completely unexpected I’m still shaking my head at it - because I really thought T11 had focused mainly on their US customers and now I see that is not the case...
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    Black Friday sale

    Frankly I’m really annoyed w T11 Hyping the Gold Artisans but putting it behind a paywall of $150 is tbh - ridiculous Ridiculous because T11 hasn’t really released much AT ALL for this sale I’ve pretty much bought every deck for sale on this site (doubles of many) as well as many effects...
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    Really hoping Gold Artisans aren’t...

    ...ONLY available if you purchase X amount or they’re only if you have 5000 points etc - from this site on Black Friday That would be a real kick in the guts w the amount I’ve spent here. The most annoying thing for me about T11 is the fact they’d want you to spend X amount to get a free...
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    The Seer vs Seer Pro by Mark Calabrese

    I’m looking at purchasing this from ellusionist - but what are the differences between the two versions? Do I really need v1 if v2 has all the effects in there? Cheers
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    Will Quantum restock?

    Just missed out - cos couldn’t currently afford it - but of course - now I can. Will it restock and if so - when abouts roughly?
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    Position Impossible = Riffle Shuffle problem

    Hey guys I purchased PI and am having trouble with the riffle shuffle Cards aren’t falling together properly so I’m getting small “clumps” of inaccuracy. Those who have this know what I’m trying to say How can I mitigate this or is there another way to mix things up? Cheers
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    Red High Victorian cards??

    Im on Reddit and one of my fellow posters has just uploaded a snap from Walmart that shows - amongst other T11 decks - a few decks of High Victorian w a RED tuck? I didn’t know there was a variant of the High Vic? I thought only a green one? Can someone here explain?
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    Parapen Sharpie Refill

    Sorry for this question...but when it says “refill” are we talking about a whole new replacement pen here? Or something that fills the pen you have? I’ve lost my parapen and need to purchase another
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    Mint Box

    Just watched the trailer for this and I have to say it looks pretty dam impressive I would buy but it BUT....and this but applies to most of these kinda devices... It’s design/look is too exclusive to a certain country... I live in New Zealand and we do not have this brand of “mint” here...
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    Inject 2

    i am very intrigued by this effect... After watching countless demos (YouTube and link etc) it’s forced me to ask a couple questions to those who own it or understand it (without revealing the method although I have my suspicions about how it works) First, when ordering...what do you get...
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    I am loving, LOVING Double Cross & ParaPad

    I’ve been combining these two the past couple days and they FRY people Firstly, I get someone to think of anything. Then do the First DC “move” as I connect w their thoughts....this was mainly because I didn’t feel entirely justified doing the first move on the spec. I felt I needed a better...
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    First off I don’t own it. But I do want it...however Many of the effects I simply wonder if they can be achieved with various other hookups When I watched the promo - I thought the time stop ring was original...but should’ve known better as I just watched Justin Millers Solace where a very...
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    David Minkin

    I have just been watching Magicians on Netflix There’s a magician on there called David Minkin who performs some levitation effects (impressive ones to be fair) - in particular a non-spinning horizontal ring float from one hand to another and a fork levitation. His hummer card w a drivers...
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    So...what’s everyone hoping Santa pulls out of his sleeves for you? For me it’s Double Cross, ParaPad, M Case & a new Code deck replacement (old one looking a little worn)
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    Perfect Square vs Cubed

    Hmmmm These look identical in all aspects - can anyone shed light on the differences at all? Also, Cubed IS significantly cheaper
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    Product Replacements

    I’ve been browsing T11 stock the past couple of days and seeing a LOT of sold out/unavailable merchandise What’s the turnaround time to get stock replaced around here? I especially want my The Code replaced as it’s looking a little worse for wear but of course it’s “sold out”
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