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  1. tsarothpaco

    Card Culling

    I always find myself wishing I could string together effects that require some sort of stack preparation, and I've yet to learn and practice the cull. I'd like to ask what you think the best source of information is. I've, of course, read about it in some books; but I seem to be missing a piece...
  2. tsarothpaco

    What'd I miss?

    Hey T11, I haven't been here in a long, long time. I can't quite remember the last big thing that happened before I left, but I do remember that Andrei Jikh was the newest artist and The Wire was a running joke of something that would never be. I'm going to be brushing up on all the old stuff...
  3. tsarothpaco

    O.O.S.P.C.A Help

    Solved. ~PaCo
  4. tsarothpaco

    SNC 1on1 Help

    Ok, I was a winner of the latest SNC and I am having problems with my download. I tried to send a ticket but it requires a '5 digit code from my order confirmaion email'. Since the download was sent to me, and I received no confirmation I cannot submit a ticket. So any help would be appreciated...
  5. tsarothpaco

    Lethal Window

    Just checked D+M's site and the Lethal Window will be up May 16th. Info/Link:
  6. tsarothpaco

    Generation Extreme

    Ok, so I'm going to (very likely) get Brian Tudor's Generation Extreme. For people who own this, does it have an index (like a chapter selection on movies) for each sleight or will I just watch until a certain sleight explanation comes up. Thanks, ~PaCo
  7. tsarothpaco

    The Queendom

    I have, just recently created a sandwiching routine and would like to know if its been done before; Effect; 1. The performer has the AoS on the table and then proceeds to show the two black queens on the top of the deck and puts them on the table. The spectator then picks out a card and...
  8. tsarothpaco

    Restaurant Magic

    Well this afternoon was supposed to be a typical day, I just went out to see Iron Man and beforehand ate at Ruby Tuesdays. I had my cards out on the table and the waiter asked if I did magic, I replied yes. So I started doing some tricks, a sandwich routine with a 'double' cameo part 2 ending...
  9. tsarothpaco

    Cards aren't Everything... I Think

    Well I was stopping by E to check what Celebracadabra's showtime tonight was, and I noticed a new Street package. They're selling How to Do Street Magic for cheap and with some bonuses....I saw this. FREE GIFT #2: Custom Black Playing Card Deck so you can perform Magic Tricks like the pros...
  10. tsarothpaco

    Would this work?

    I'm sure you all have used thumbtips, and probably many got challenged and they said you got one on. Usually you'd just dump it in some manner but I got thinking... I was think after the dump you say this is a real thumb and proceed to do that trick where you cut off a finger (I don't know if...
  11. tsarothpaco

    Mentalism Help

    Alright so I'm really starting to get interested in mentalism and have a few questions; I already know to get Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism and was wondering if there were any other recommended books. I was looking at Luke Jermay's books but some said this one needs previous mentalism...
  12. tsarothpaco

    Royal Road to Card Magic

    Alright where I stand now i'm a beginner/intermediate in card work (leaning towards intermediate). Although this I realized I can do things but I lack many of the basics. Palms, tenkai, moves that make up a magician. I heard Royal Road To Card Magic was a great source and I'd like to hear if...
  13. tsarothpaco

    Talent Show

    Every quarter my school has a tlaent show. It happened once this year so far (they had to cancel one) and I performed. I do card magic and for the most part it was ok but I wasted like 3 mins showing my Raven Card Revelation to the audience (never using gaffs on stage again). Well anyway its not...
  14. tsarothpaco

    Hidden Ultra-Gaff Picture

    Before hand sorry if this is old news; I noticed before one of the two ultra gaff pics loaded upon refreshing Ellusionists homepage an image flashed, I got a pic on my phone of it and its a pic that doesn't show on the page (not one of the two you can see) It shows some other gaff cards...
  15. tsarothpaco

    Daniel Madison download question

    I just purchased One from Daniel Madison using Google Checkout. I've never used Google Checkout before and I'm wondering how I access the download. I received a confirmation download which says Daniel will accept and ship your order soon, does this mean he has to accept it then I get it or...
  16. tsarothpaco

    Trilogy buying opinion.

    I'm going to buy the Trilogy but I have a question that involves one's opinion. I don't flourish and don't have heavy practice with it so I would exclude that dvd but two dvds are $60, and with the whole set its $75. So should I buy all of them seeing as its a little increase in price with...
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