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    Louisville, KY Meet and Jam Sessions

    What's up guys? I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in a meet and jam session in Louisville, KY? I'll host!
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    Luke Jermay possible future theory11 artist?

    What's up guys? I was just checking out Luke Jermay's new website: and noticed that it was designed by Theory11 (look in the bottom right corner). Could this be a sign of future things to come? I doubt it but ya never know!
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    Cookie Cutter by Dan Sperry Review

    Finally a one-on-one that is a mental effect and it's a damn good one at that! Title and Creator: Cookie Cutter by Dan Sperry Effect: Award winning performer and creator Dan Sperry presents his delicious take on the classic Russian Roulette routine. A razor blade is placed in one of...
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    Video of Daniel Garcia Playing the Piano at T.A.O.M. Enjoy!
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    Anyone know what T11's next DVD will be?

    Just wondering if anyone knew what Theory11's next DVD release will be?
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    When will we be seeing more mentalism from theory11?

    When will we be seeing more mentalism from theory 11?
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    Mentalism from Theory11

    So, when are we going to see some more mentalism from Theory 11? All we've got so far is Control (which is great, mind you). I'd love to see more, especially since it would be of Theory 11 quality.
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