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  1. TheCuso

    The Real Secrets of David Stone

    First of all I want to tell you that I didn't receive my copy yet but I'm a huge fan of David's material and I've seen his lectures twice (once in Portugal and another time here in Vigo) so I'm going to talk to you about what you can expect from this DVD set. I also have the Real Secrets of...
  2. TheCuso

    SICK by Ponta the Smith Review

    Ok guys, i've just got SICK in the mail so after a first quick look through the contents here is my review, I'll keep it short and direct. First, if you are a noob (and sorry for that but I couldn't find a better word) stay away from this. This DVD is for the passionate only, I'm not bad...
  3. TheCuso

    Vote for the best cardistry video of 2009

    Hey guys, 2009 is over so we have to choose the cardistry video that represents this awesome year. I could have put way a lot more videos on the list but I tried to narrow it down to only a few. I know it is a bit biased but hey, this is my site after all hehe. Anyway, here is the poll...
  4. TheCuso

    Genesis Review by Alejandro Portela

    Here is my biased review on Genesis to get you guys to hear my sexy spanish accent. Nah seriously, this IS the DVD you are looking for, no matter your skill level or style. Genesis is hands down the best cardistry product ever released. I'm going to briefly go over the contents...
  5. TheCuso

    Bring them on! Your reviews at .thecuso

    Hey guys, keep up reviewing the luxury deck and genesis, im goimg to read through all of them and select the best ones. I will hopefully watch genesis tonight and might also write something myself for the product page. If you want your review on my site just post it here at the forums and...
  6. TheCuso

    Anaconda DVD - A $72.000 production?

    If you check the photos at the site they say they've spent like $72.000 in the production of the dvd. The move is awesome and the Eye Cut is a bonus but... Isn't it too much? I wonder how much Andrei's dvd is going to cost. Here is the link to the site btw
  7. TheCuso

    JB in a Microsoft Ad! Check out from 1:56 :P
  8. TheCuso

    Jonas, Daren and Jordan interviewed.

    Ive interviewed these guys at my blog, i might interview more people soon. here are the links: Jonas Haglund Jordan Lapping Daren Yeow Leave some comments there! i'll update the list when i have more people. who do you think should be the next?
  9. TheCuso

    Vegas Sin City effect (Tivo Transpo) Tutorial

    here is the tutorial for the video effect i do in Tivo Transpo: Tutorial Sin City Sony Vegas for those of you who requested, or not :P If you didn't see my tivo transpo video watch it here or in the media section. enjoy!
  10. TheCuso

    Inside a magician/flourisher's Backpack

    I've made a post in my blog talking about the things i carry with me in my backpack. So... what do you have in your backpack?
  11. TheCuso

    John Carney's Sanverted

    Watch my performance and give feedback please. SANVERTED
  12. TheCuso

    Tivo Transpo

    This thread is to talk about this effect. Here is my performance. I hope you like it. Tivo Transpo
  13. TheCuso

    Stop the Forum Mess

    Ok, i'd like to tell everyone to stop making senseless topics and opening threads here and there for no reason. If you want to say how good this theory11 thing, use one thread only. We all know how to use a forum nowadays so calm down and read other threads! To the admins: People will need...
  14. TheCuso

    Riu Cut

    As seen in Angelica Preview... I created this cut about 5 months ago. it's nothing original but there you go. I dont know if it's worthy making a tutorial on it though so... tell me what do you think. TheCuso's Riu Cut thanks!
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