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    A Li'l Story It's the creation of boredom and a very simple idea. Tell me if you have any suggestions as to how to eliminate some of the moves. Cheers
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    Cheating 101 Just in case it doesn't reach the media section in time. Here's my take on a trick by Damian Nieman. Any critiquing would be appreciated.
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    The Missing Link

    I've started to practice this trick and I've found that a bunch of rubber bands I have a simple question. Where do you get really strecthy rubber bands? I've bought some from a london drugs but when I display I can barely seperate my hands or else the band will fly off. I looked at the 1-on-1...
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    What would Dai do?

    Well, i'm pretty sure no one read my images of greatness thread but I was Dai Vernon and stayed in character the entire time with my table and close-up mat and big sign that read ,"THE MAN WHO FOOLED HOUDINI" I did a whole bunch of tricks like thought stealer, righting a wrong, search and...
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    Will Thread be dangerous?

    I'm going into eye surgery sometime in december and I was wondering that if I use the geek method, it could potentially damage my eyesight. I was also wondering can it be performed it both eyes?
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    Images of Greatness

    My class is doing a project called "images of greatness" in which we choose a dead canadian idol. I evidently chose Dai Vernon. we have a little station in the libriary for everyone and there character so what do you guys think I should do? I'll probably keep practicing my triumph and a...
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    The Vancouver Meeting

    hey, I did this at Decknique a while ago and realzied that a couple people from theory11 live in Vancouver too. Well, on August the 27 ,flourishers and magicians are going to have a session as I call it and film a video. We'd probably film more flourishes but magic is appreciated. So if...
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    The Code - by Mattgic and Maxim

    I think someone asked for a review so i'll give one, I was going to post the first one I had but then clicked back which wasted about 15 mintues and I had to restart. The movie: The movie was very comical along with a very interesting story revolving around cards. There was only 2...
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    Warning! Stop doing coin magic!

    I've wanted to know how much money the government has wasted on pennies and since the government started making pennies they've wasted 1.3 Billion dollars. You could've saved all the starving people in Africa if you didn't use pennies and nickels. I had a 12 year old brother in the hospital...
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    Magic Jobs

    Hey guys, I was wondering a few days ago how would I go about finding a job doing magic? Do I put an ad in the paper? Do I go to all the local restaurants? I saw my friend working behind the counter of a macdonalds and knew that one day I would have to get a job, so I was hoping I would do it...
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    Don't Fear The Reaper Considering I probably won't make it to the front page I'll post it here instead. Tell me what you think
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    Dedicated chris Brown is one of my top 5 magicians for reason's I will not state This video is dedicated to him and other magicians like ineski and magicreza who were kind enough to let me use some of their tricks
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    My Review Of The Brown Wynns

    Alright, I'm going to give you my honest review of the brown wynn's, I'm not saying they suck badly, or there next to Jerry's Nuggets. So Here it goes; The Backs: Personally I liked darker coloured back so I enjoy looking at them. The design is pretty simple and I think this is one of the...
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    How Do You Do Street Magic?

    I've done magic for lots of people at school and family and friends. But only have I done it to people on the street once. I was playing cards with my friends at a pool and these two guys walked up to us and asked if they could play. So we let him them, he started talking about criss angel...
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