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  1. leumas1960

    T11 New Logo

    What do you think of the new logo? I personally don't like it, I thought the old one was so good it should've stayed forever, but what do you guys think?
  2. leumas1960

    Why Do Bicycle Standards Marked 2014 Handle Better?

    Are they from the old factory? On the Ace of Spades.
  3. leumas1960

    Theory11 Free Shipping

    Does Theory11 no longer give out permanent free shipping after $50 spent? I noticed I still get free shipping in a single purchase of $50, but I'm wondering if the former is still true.
  4. leumas1960

    What to put on Kickstarter

    Hello everybody, above I have a simple poll asking which element I should choose as my theme for my upcoming deck of cards, so please vote as I'm not really sure what to start with.
  5. leumas1960

    Vanda Playing Cards

    Does anybody know which of Vanda’s playing cards are the most durable?
  6. leumas1960

    Why are Theory11 cards so durable?

    I'm wondering why Theory11 decks are always pretty durable, and by extension great for practicing cardistry. A lot of kickstarter decks, for instance, are also printed by uspcc; but they don't ever seem to be as good as the Theory11 decks, why is that?
  7. leumas1960

    Theory11 Card Durability

    Considering the rigors of cardistry, how durable are the cards sold on Theory11, and which ones are the best overall? I want to buy some decks eventually, but I need to know how well they hold up, I regularly do springs, under pressure/fan, Lepaul spreads, one-handed shuffles, and faros, so I...
  8. leumas1960

    Complex flourishes

    What is the most complex and lengthy cardistry flourish you know?
  9. leumas1960

    What on earth is wrong with the website?

    It's really hard to log in, and all the usual stuff for sale is not here.
  10. leumas1960

    Do you perform and practice Cardistry to impress?

    What does motivate you to learn and practice Cardistry?
  11. leumas1960

    Which (paper) cards are the most durable?

    for cardistry practice.
  12. leumas1960

    Card Trick Ideas

    What card tricks can be done without any deception or misdirection? Question inspired by "The Ethics of Deception".
  13. leumas1960


    I want to do a meetup in Fort Worth Texas, anybody in?
  14. leumas1960

    Revision 1?

    Does anybody know a good place to get bicycle revision 1 cards?
  15. leumas1960


    Is this a good place to order cards from? Also, anywhere else I can find revision 1 decks?
  16. leumas1960

    Most difficult flourish

    What would you guys consider the most difficult flourish, at least for you? My picks are bowtie, bubblewrap, and complicatrix (my flourish)
  17. leumas1960

    More than 8?

    I was wondering if you guys know of any extremely advanced flourishes (or just any flourishes) with 8+ packets. And also, I've created a 9 packet flourish, but does anybody think 10 is possible? So far I haven't seen anything that advanced anyways.
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