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    Blog On Magic

    Hey guys, A friend and I have come up with a blog on our thoughts on Magic. We will post regularly on everything going on magic wise. We are from NYC and work in Tannens Magic Shop. Please check out the blog and leave your comments. Tatanka Tan
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    Daniel Madison Breach ...A deck of playing cards is introduced and a spectator is invited to select one The selected card is signed and returned to the deck and the cards are shuffled The deck is dribbled to the glass table and the cards are spread and mixed...
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    What Happend to The Astonishment Project?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know what happend. It wont come up for me , I get a 404 page.
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    When Creators Collide. by Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders.

    Wow, I do not want to give this up, this book is awsome. About:Okay this is a book of stuff that Sankey and Sanders made, this book is pretty old when sankey was like 20. I got this of amazon so i do not know where else to get it. I do not know if any of this stuff has been in print again...
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