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  1. Camel

    Practice Video

    Hey all, I haven't posted a video here in a while so here is some practice from a few weeks ago: Tell me what you think, and I do know that the quality isn't very good, it was taken on a webcam.
  2. Camel


    Hey guys, I have been working on this cut (Pandemonium) for a while now and I would like to see what you guys think. The ending still needs to be tweaked a bit and I do need to make it smoother, but please tell me what you think of it. Here it is: The firs phase of...
  3. Camel

    YouTube/ Vimeo accounts

    I find myself watching magic on youtube and vimeo very often and usually wonder if the person I am watching is a member of these forums. So I would like to know who on here has a youtube or vimeo account, and what they are. Here are mine: YouTube: Vimeo...
  4. Camel

    Melting Pot

    Hello all readers. I have recently made a video with some flourishes I have been working on and I wanted to see what people think. All the moves in the video were made by me and I hope you like it. Here's the link: please tell me what you think.
  5. Camel

    10 Theories Competition

    Hey guys, I was bored today and I thought to have a fun competition in the magic community. So here it is: Each Week, people can film and create a trick going with 1 theory of magic. There will be a different one each week and this will last for 10 weeks. Here are the details. Only one video...
  6. Camel

    Flourishing Video

    Hey guys, speaking that I don't think they are making the video in the media section here, I'm going to give a link to the flourishing video I took a few weeks ago. It includes all my own cuts and a new concept I am working on. Without further ado, here it is...
  7. Camel

    My Routine Idea

    Hey guys, I have a talent show coming up and I was wondering what people think of my quick routine. It has to be around 5 minutes and is 3 tricks so here it is: Start off with Crossed: magician is the only one who can get his arms out of a knot Move on to Thread: Magician pulls a thread...
  8. Camel


    Hey every reader. I had a NFTY event this weekend and was wondering if anyone here is in NFTY. NFTY stands for the North American Federation of Temple Youth and is a youth group for jewish teens in NA. if anyone is in the Northeast U.S. and is in NFTY, I want to know. p.s. JEWS...
  9. Camel

    Fun story from a few days ago...

    Here's a fun story from monday (fun for me at least). On Monday's I have study block first thing in the morning. I decided to throw cards in my cafeteria after showing some tricks. While I was throwing one card it went up and got caught in the rafters of the ceiling ( I still haven't gotten it...
  10. Camel

    Making a Trick

    Hello to all reading this thread. Lately I have been thinking of new crazy tricks, mostly cards, and I thought "why not bring fellow magicians into the creation?" So here is what this thread is about: I think that with all our creative minds here we could think up of a good trick. The trick can...
  11. Camel

    Stereograms / Stereo Images

    About a week ago I made a post about an optical illusions book which had a bunch of different optical illusions. My favorite illusions of the book are stereo images. These are images that look like a distorted picture but if you look "through" them they appear 3 Dimensional. Here is a picture of...
  12. Camel

    Dead Cell

    For anyone who has the Ultragaff deck from ellusionist I am here to say my favorite trick. It is dead cell. For anyone that doesn't know, it is when the magician screws up on an ambitious card trick, but states that the decks batteries are broken. Then he shows an open battery pack on the cards...
  13. Camel

    Optical Illusions

    Today, I found a book on optical illusions in my school library and I rented it, because it was awesome. So I have a few questions: 1. What do you think of Optical Illusions? 2. Is there any way we can incorporate them into magic? ex. Using the spinning spiral so people see the world...
  14. Camel

    Kem Arrow Playing Cards

    I saw a deck of these cards about a month ago and they were being sold for around 15 dollars. Does anyone know anything about these cards and why they are so expensive?
  15. Camel

    Anyone in Montreal?

    Hey, I am in Montreal until Tuesday morning and am wondering if anyone wants to meet up with me. If so, respond on this thread or PM me for information.
  16. Camel

    Chaser Video

    Hey guys, I recently put up a video of Chaser by Kevin Ho from Smooth Operations. This is one of my favorite tricks from the book and is fun to perform also. I changed the patter and handling slightly to make it easier for me to perform and more magical, in my opinion. Here's the link...
  17. Camel

    Mike Super performance

    Hey, last night one of my friends invited me to a magic show and the magician turned out to be Mike Super. For those who don't know, Mike Super was the winner of NBC's show Phenomenon. He did tricks like torn and restored newspaper, levitating an audience member, and he did two prediction...
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