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    Genesis v3?

    Just checking on the status of Genesis V3. V2 was released first part of 2011, nearly 3 years ago. From what I remembered, all the footage was shot at the same time, so.. what happened? Did the TOoC DVD snatch up V3?? Keep up the good work, look forward to an update. Thank you! -Tyler
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    Bicycle Archangles Questions

    How limited will these cards be? I really like them, for the first time in a looong time I've liked the cards as much or better than the box. I just want to know if you plan to keep them in stock long term. Also is there any difference between T-11's version and the ones on the bicycle website...
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    E Invisible Deck Android App, vanished?

    Edited - I'm removing the post as I've received my answer. Feel free to delete this post mods. -Tyler
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    Sooo... I found a deck of Jerry's

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some help. I was looking through the bin of cards at the goodwill and found a deck of Jerry's Nuggets. I know there are fakes out there, so I was wondering if someone would give me some of the tell tale signs of real vs fake Jerry's. They are unopened with the...
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    TKO: The Kaylor Option

    Hey guys, I saw an email about this in my inbox from Penguin: Looks insane, but I guess they sold out in like an hour. Anyone happen to pick it up or get one early? Looking for thoughts and first impressions on practicality, reset etc. Either...
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    The Secret Weapon

    Hey guys: Im thinking about getting Aaron Fisher's The Secret Weapon but I had a quick question first. It seems as though you need to carry an extra deck on you in new deck order. Either that or put a deck in new deck order each time you want to perform it. Is this true? If thats the case, i...
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    Display For Cards

    Hey I've been thinking of doing a little project and I want some imput from you guys. I wanna display my decks of cards, maybe in something like a shadowbox or something. I was thinking of displaying the back of a joker (or any indifferent card) and next to it putting that deck's ace of spades...
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