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  1. d34thg0d

    Help making use of this card ...

    You can do blister/tattoo effects with this card. The index disappears from the card and appears on your arm/finger etc.
  2. d34thg0d

    shape of my heart - card trick by me

    I love how the song goes with the trick. However, I feel that you have to work on your sleights and fiddle less with your cards.
  3. d34thg0d

    Jerry's Nuggets from Lee Asher

    I wish I had money, if I did, I would grab as many JN as I can :D
  4. d34thg0d

    Strait Jacket Measurements

    Hi, for those who have bought strait jacket escape by R**** Magic, what are the measurements of the large and medium size? I can buy it in my country but it is a lot cheaper if I order it online and I'm afraid that I order the wrong size.
  5. d34thg0d

    Lengthwise Triangle - Genesis Vol.1

    I know I'm not spelling it correctly. Thanks anyway.
  6. d34thg0d

    Lengthwise Triangle - Genesis Vol.1

    Hi everyone, in Genesis Vol.1, Andrei Jikh teaches the Lengthwise triangle and as he collapses the packet furthest away, he executes a move called 'brink' or something like that. Does anyone know what the proper spelling of the move is?
  7. d34thg0d

    Script for David Stone's Window

    I'm just puzzled why E are contradicting themselves.
  8. d34thg0d

    Script for David Stone's Window

    I saw this on E's webpage and I don't know when it was posted, but I just want to share this with you guys. First, E says that "The gimmick takes an hour and a half to manufacture but David Stone makes each one himself by hand." And after scrolling down the page, E says "David Stone...
  9. d34thg0d

    Script for David Stone's Window

    I watched David Stone's Window DVD and I realised that he only teaches you the move and variations of it but there isn't any script. To those people who have bought and performed it, what are your scripts roughly like?
  10. d34thg0d

    What inspired you to get in to flourishing.

    Firstly, I thought that learning flourishes would improve my control over cards and sleights, and I think it did. Secondly, I do flourishes whenever I'm bored practicing sleights.
  11. d34thg0d

    Sealed bottle with flow

    Abyss/Aquarius gimmick works too. I recommend that you check out these 3 tricks by the enchantment too.
  12. d34thg0d

    Don't Waste My Time

    Yeah I agree. I'm trying to gather as much paper notes as I can now :) But Singapore's bills are not of the same size, some bill gimmicks require the notes to be the same size.
  13. d34thg0d

    Don't Waste My Time

    Yup I was performing for fun. I think the idea of doing a bill change while shopping is rather cool. However, I have not bought any bill change effects because my country's bill are made of some kind of plastic and my cousin told me that some bill change effects can only be done with paper...
  14. d34thg0d

    Don't Waste My Time

    Thank you all for the comments. I'm planning to do more street magic during my school's open house and I shall try to introduce myself to them first before I start. Or maybe do some flourishes to get their attention. The first time I did street magic, I did 'flow' for a lady who was waiting...
  15. d34thg0d

    Don't Waste My Time

    Today I went to a nearby 7-11 store and saw the cashier outside the store reading newspaper. So I went up her and asked if I could show her something (street magic). She asked what I wanted to show and when I took my deck of cards, she immediately said 'oh no, don't waste my time'. By the way...
  16. d34thg0d


    No set-up is required to do pressure too, totally impromptu.
  17. d34thg0d

    Keeping a deck of cards in good condition.

    I don't recommend doing this as there will be condensation when you take the ziploc bag out of the freezer and your cards will get damp.
  18. d34thg0d

    Razor Blade Illusion Trick

    I agree that sticking in too many blades is overkill, but I feel that 5-6 blades are fine. Nevertheless, I'll surely check out Urban Legends, thanks. Does anyone know any good offers for 'vest pocket razor blades'?
  19. d34thg0d

    Razor Blade Illusion Trick

    Thank you for the link, but can that effect be done with more razor blades, I feel that 2 blades are too few. What about "Razor Blade Illusion" by Dave Powell? Is it any good?
  20. d34thg0d

    Razor Blade Illusion Trick

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy this and I would like to ask those who have performed this on stage, 1)Is the method good? 2)Is it worth the money? 3)How long did you take to do it smoothly? 4)Any DVD or books about this effect that can enhance the performance? Other tips or advice would be greatly...
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