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  1. MoJoe13

    Justin Miller interview

    I know a lot of people here are fans of Justin Miller. You will all be interested to hear this.
  2. MoJoe13

    Trick yourself into self-confidence

    Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, has enjoyed some phenomenal success as a cartoonist. One of the secrets to his success, as he explains in "The Dilbert Future" is the technique of affirmations. Using the technique, he was able to make a killing in the stock market, pass the GMAT...
  3. MoJoe13

    Where are the audiences?

    I just got Crunk, the 1-on-1 from Daniel Madison. This is the first I've bought from him. I've always shied away from him, because it seemed like his emphasis was on flourishing. (Dangerous addresses that myth of mine quite nicely, so douse your flames for now.) But that effect combines magic...
  4. MoJoe13

    MoJoe's Review: Ultragaff

    At the risk of revealing bias: This is the best Father's Day gift I've ever received. Using gaff cards takes a sense of humor and perfect timing, in my opinion. Convincing use of gaff cards, in my experience, doesn't happen without some standard sleight of hand and tricks with regular cards...
  5. MoJoe13

    MoJoe's Review: Centurions

    When reading reviews, the average forum browser should always be aware of context, balance and bias. It's hard to trust a review filled with nothing but florid praise or awful slams. It's also difficult to know how reliable the review is, based on the experience of the writer. So let me give you...
  6. MoJoe13

    Review: Blue Ice Deck

    As a newspaper editor and former page designer, I know from experience that eye-catching design isn't always good design. Such is the case with Magic Makers' Blue Ice Deck. With better design, it could be a serviceable deck for magicians and flourishers alike. Unfortunately, this deck is useless...
  7. MoJoe13

    Review: Split Spades Lions

    Got mine in the mail today; one of each color. Here's a breakdown, without all those ratings, numbers and other, as Mr. T would say, jibbajabba. About the performance: The Lions are solid all around. They feel more sturdy than the first Split Spades. The finish is extra silky, so fanners will...
  8. MoJoe13

    About T11's marketing of cards

    Dear T11, About that marketing presentation you did for the Split Spades Lions: Do that more. I can't help comparing how the Lions were marketed to the Centurions. Better video, better photos (including beautiful hues in the RGB colorspace!) and an appropriate description of the cards. Even...
  9. MoJoe13

    More pictures of Centurions?

    Hey T11: The only pics of Centurions posted are of the box, backs and joker. Can we see more? In color? Please?
  10. MoJoe13

    Ethics test

    Here's the scenario: You are called to testify in a murder trial. The method of performing a certain illusion is critical to the case, and one of the lawyers asks you to reveal the method. The judge has allowed cameras in the courtroom and denied your request to not answer the question. So, what...
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