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  1. J

    10 Brown Wynn's

    I've found a store on the internet that sells them PM me if you want the address but hurry up there running out! There $6.95 each
  2. J

    Major Problem - Resolution

    Elyk Pmed me about the show so I thought that you guys might want to here also... Wll Kyle thank you SO very much for taking so much interest in my show; the last 48 hours leading up to the show was very busy so I'm sorry if I didn't have time to reply, I had created a triple trilogy outline...
  3. J

    Triple Shuffle

    What do you guys think?
  4. J

    Money Issue

    I know i've made a mistake by not making my money arrangements when scheduling and I'm not going to that again but today I have a gig where I've been working on for weeks and have put in at least $50 into the show buying candy glow-sticks and many other things that associate with the magic. This...
  5. J

    Major Problem!

    SO I've been hired for a kid show this friday and I have a full show put together that takes about half an hour. I've put alot of money into this show to make it possible....about $50 and so the mother calls me up asking to make sure that I'm going to be there and then she was expecting me to...
  6. J

    Signed Card

    I was wondering if there is an effect that you have a person signs a card and then the signature vanishes and appears on your arm
  7. J

    Clip Shift Change

    Is The Clip Shift Explained on The Trilogy if so what section tricks or everything else! Thanks ahead of time
  8. J

    Doing Magic

    Hey So I was going to start up a magic business and I don't really want to do kid shows but then I don't want to do stage So I was thinking of like a close up walk around venue. BUt do people actually higher for that kind of thing or should I just try to get a restaurant magician job and if a...
  9. J

    Will you give me advice?

    on how these look how I can improve. I saw alot of you guys doing this stuff so I decided to make up my own!
  10. J

    Help Me!

    HOw do you split playing cards in half I've been trying and they always seem to rip when I split and directions and comment will be great thanks!
  11. J

    Help with change

    HOw can I improve here is the forum with the link
  12. J


    Will YOu watch and give me feed back on my trick or change I guess
  13. J

    Quick Prophet Question...

    I was wondering if you get the download of Prophet if the gimmick is something you make at home or you will have to wait for it to come in the mail and have to pay shipping for it Thanks!
  14. J

    Future SNC Topics

    Hey what do you guys want the SNC Contest do be???? Personally I want another Photoshop contest!! ----Hint Hint
  15. J

    Talent Show

    Sooo... My high school is having a talent show and you guessed it I want to do magic. I was wondering if you guys had any good Ideas I want to have big props and stuff like that no card tricks or close up tricks b/c everybody has already seen those I have a 350 to 400 spending limit for the...
  16. J

    SNC Prediction

    What do you guys think this saturday contest will be.
  17. J

    Control Contest

    So today is my birthday and so last night I bought control. I was wanting to win the contest because I've only met and talked to Daniel and I really want to talk to Wayne. But when I tried it took 47 minutes for it to finally order because the sever of Theory 11 kept crashing. So I was...
  18. J


    Can the downloads only be downloaded on PC's like ellusionist or can they also be downloaded on Macs
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