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    Coinbite gimmick help

    Hey, I've used up my coinbite gimmick (the special thing that makes it snap back) And I already tried to put it back together with my refill, but I'm having trouble doing so. Can someone PM me how to put the gimmick back together?
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    A question about LIT refills...

    hey guys, I haven't purchased lit yet, but I'm interested in buying it. But on the papercrance site, they sell 5 blank matchbooks or the 14 cards. I was just wondering, is there any difference between the two other than the number of refills there are? Or are they different things that I should...
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    1-on-1 Problem

    Hey guys, I just bought a couple 1-on-1s and 2 of them failed to download and now I only have 1 more access for them, so I don't want to risk wasting it. It said to try to save it to another file or something but I could only save it to my disk. Has anyone had the same type of problem before...
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    Thread + Wounded: What do you guys think?

    wouldn't it be freaky if you did wounded right after or while you are pulling out the thread from your eye? I wont be able to do it coz I don't have wounded...and I don't really plan on buying it (its not my style)..but i had this idea what do you guys think? is it too much maybe? do you...
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    Where to buy a reel?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering where I could buy a reel (in NY)...not an already gimmicked one like the raven, but just a normal reel that anybody can buy at a store. If you can, could you give me specific store names? Thanks in advance
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    Wouldn't it be awesome...

    Hey guys, I just had a thought wouldnt it be awesome if you could do the clipshift with BOTH hands? then you could do a transpo with the top two cards on two packets you could produce two cards at the same time you could vanish a card on one pack and make it appear on top of the other there's so...
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    Does anyone know where I can learn this trick?

    Hey guys, I found this video of a japanese magician named Cyril and I was dumbstruck by the last trick he does in the video. Can anyone tell me the name of the trick and where I can learn it? here's the link:
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