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    Website bug/glitch

    I tried clicking on the Insider Video Castle Ablaze on the t11 homepage and it brought me into an error screen, saying page does not exist. Although you can get to the video through the media section. Just thought you guys would like to know so you can fix it.
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    Gyro Powerball?

    I was thinking about getting the v power gyro power ball from Dan and Dave. I am learning cardistry and I am also a tennis player so I thought it would benefit me in both areas. I never owned one of these or heard anything about them. I even tried to look up some reviews but no luck. Does...
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    Walking Liberties

    How much is a Walking Liberty worth? It is 1941 walking liberty circulated. is 15$ too much or is that a good price?
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    I was interested in purchasing believe. I saw the trailer, and I wanted to know if you can do it in somebody's hand. Like instead of putting the corner put it in someones hand. Reason being is I mainly perform up close magic and I don't always have a table.
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    Bullet Tips?

    Hey you cardists, I have been trying to get the bullet card twirl down from Genesis V1. I have been practicing and i can do like one complete rotation if thats what you call it. I can do bullet and pop it out once and complete it. I have been trying to do bullet where you pop the card like 2 or...
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    Dan and Dave On Demand Download

    I know this pertains to Dan and Dave. I submitted a ticket to them. But in the meanwhile I wanted to ask here as Im sure some of you guys have bought stuff from there. When you purchase a "1 on 1" or on demand tutorial from Dan and Dave is it like Theory 11 were you can download it? Because I...
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    Finger and Wrist Strength

    Hello, I have been looking for some things to help me with my finger and wrist strength. I have found 2 things on the Dan and Dave Website. They are the power gyro ball and the pro finger exerciser item. Do you guys know if these are good or do you guys have any suggestions?
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    Split Spades

    The split spades are sold out. Even on David Blaines website. I wanted to get some more. Are these going to be reprinted and sold again? Or was this just a one-time thing? I really hope they keep printing, these cards are amazing?
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    Ego Force

    I have been trying to do the Ego Force from DGP 1, and cant seem to get the cards to drop that way. I have watched the video over and over again. I have been practicing alot and just stopped to type this, because there must be something Im missing or doing wrong! I have also been looking in a...
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    Electric Touch Setup

    Hey, I have had the electric touch for a while put have not used it, because I could not get it setup. Now that I am seriously getting more into magic. I want to incorporate it into my effects. Now the problem is that the setup that comes with it is very impractical. The PETS setup was a way...
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    Thumb Propulsion

    I bought genesis a while ago and have been practicing. I am currently practicing the thumb propulsion. After quite a bit of practice I got how to do it. Now my problem is the card doesnt go up. When I do it the card shoots out at an angle away from does sort of come back though like a...
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    When Is Smoke going to get here?

    I ordered smoke and a deck of Sentinels from Theory11 on 11/14/2010. On my account page it says they were shipped on 11/15/2010. It is 12/3/2010 and I have still not recieved them.. I ordered the normal shipping 4-7 bussiness days it has been way longer than that.. I thought Theory 11s shipping...
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    To Everyone Who has GREED

    So I just recently bought Greed by Daniel Garcia, for those of you who dont know you should really check it out. But in the DVD Danny says you can give the x item back to the bank so that the gimmick will only cost you $7 dollars to make.. I made the gimmick and all, and afterward I went to the...
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    Genesis Music?

    I just recently purchased Genesis. It is an amazing dvd. Im currently still learning the moves, and will post a review soon. I really liked the soundtrack and music choice in genesis. I find my self playing the trailer to listen to it while I'm doing other things. I was wondering if anybody knew...
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    How to Film?

    This is off topic but I had to post this. It pisses everybody off when one goes to see a video, and its made of horrible quality. The camera is shaky, lighting is bad, and theres little to no audio. We have all seen this before. So recently I wanted to film some magic. So I got my camera and...
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    Magic, Cardistry, Or Coins?

    So I'm only going to get one thing, as I'm tight on money. Now I mainly do card magic ( sleight of hand, some gaffs). My question was Im only going to get one thing which one should I get: Genesis, Metal, or some of the DGP? Cardistry- looks really cool, and I wanted to start it, so I was...
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    B4 Cut

    So I recently made a couple purchases on theory 11, one of them being the B4 cut. Now I am a beginner in cardistry, xcm, or if you call it flourishing. I wanted to get this because it looked really awesome. Now before you buy this remember you are not Andrei Jikh. This is not to put anyone down...
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    Smoke Stock

    When is Smoke going to be back in stock?
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    Which One?

    Namaste I do not know which one to get, that I dont. Please do help. Should I get Fraud Or Prophet? I cannot decide.
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