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    Help editing videos

    Hello there! Ive recently thought about putting some of my created effects, flourishes, performances etc up to the wire, however I have absolutely 0 skill with editing video. I have tried in the past, I know the very basics...but it essentially looks like a grade 7 edited my videos lol. Im...
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    Comedy mentalism routines?

    I know i know...use the search function...i did, and really did not come across much... I have some shows coming up this year and I currently have a solid 20 minutes (normally not the headliner) but I have a few 30 and 45 ones that I need to expand my material...I am a mix of...
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    Multiplying bottles

    There are many sites and different types to buy on the market...i have plenty of stage shows coming up this year and ive always loved this trick Those who know about it, may you direct me to the best places to buy it? (cost a factor, :) )
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    Help creating a website!

    A few weeks ago I created a thread seeing if anybody wants to help create a magic website for me, as a practice project. If you are a student, want to try new stuff etc (as I do not really have any money atm to pay lol) But im willing to let you use your creativity! I had a few replies...
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    Any web designers here? Amateur or pro.

    So I am a semi professional comedian/magician located in Ontario Canada, and have been getting to the point where I need a website for myself. I bought a domaine a few months ago when a friend was going to help me make it, but he disappeared... So I am looking for someone who can design a...
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    Can anybody help me! Love you.

    I created a previous thread about advice/help on a business card...I ended up making the front myself (had a few volunteers but then they fell off the planet) I just need someone with advanced knowledge of photo editing for my final part Basically, my business card is made to look like a...
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    Business Card design...any graphics people here?

    Im currently working out designs for my business cards...I should say I have absolutely 0 artistic abilities, and most of the custom designs you can find on websites are just...meh I have drawn up some ideas...just wondering if anybody here does this sort of thing for a living? Can perhaps...
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    Show tomorrow, shameless advertising :P

    Got a 20 minute gig in Cornwall Ontario at a local comedy show, just bored in class and figured id type out my set magic only- starting with basically Michaels Kent "your a dick" trick, but added a few of my own things in it- Basically a fake prediction set - then pressure - airtight, card...
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    Need help for crediting -_-

    Thinking of shooting a video of a sexy little routine of mine which combines multiple well known tricks/colour changes together into 1 flowing routine. Question is, am I allowed to profit from this? Seeing as each of the "specific" sections itself are not mine, but when put together creates...
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    Anyone have puresmoke problems?

    Got this yesterday...followed all steps provided in the video Had about 10-15 puffs of smoke, now nothing I change viles, still nothing change batteries...nothing Getting very annoyed...anybody else have any problems with it?
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    Stage comedy mentalism effects?

    Im used to doing close up, have done a few stage things at comedy clubs in Eastern Ontario, I have a big paid gig coming up at the end of act is missing a mentalism effect...any ideas? something that works, easy to do, minimum setup, and can be adapted to suit a comedic feel.
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    Shipping costs

    This applies to all sites...but in my specific case, ellusionist Normally I would make a topic about it on their forums, except for the fact ive been perma banned since like 2006, after I called out one of their mods... So my gf wants to buy me smoke, and have the order add up to 150$ (for the...
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    Comedy show tonight- Ottawa Ontario

    Last minute...but for those in the Ottawa area and 19 or older, ill be performing at Absolute Comedy club at 8:30 6 Minutes to make an ass of myself ^
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    The best nights that you cannot remember.

    I awoke this morning next to some female in which I don't ever remember meeting, with about 30 cards thrown all over the floor. It was a massive house party, alcohol flowing, women dancing, gambling, etc. Apparently I got talked into performing some tricks. All I remember was the invisible...
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    Apollo Robbins on Discovery channel

    He was on daily planet as part of a study how the brain and eyes track motions, only caught the last 5 minutes of it, the video isnt up yet on the discovery channel site should be up tomorrow
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    The Hawk - Penguin Magic

    just got an email, checked out the video, my only words are "utterly orgasmic" just wondering what everyone else thinks, if its possible
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    What is this lighter effect? The effect where he takes the flame from the lighter into his fingertips, then back to the lighter.
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    Anyone else having problems?

    I baught the download for genesis last night...after too much booze lol So it took about a hour to download, then when it was done, at 100%, the dl box just stayed there, not closing, for another hour....eventually i just turned everything off, went to bed, to retry in the morning. Sure...
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    In Toronto this Upcoming weekend

    I will be in toronto on saturday October 17th, and possibly sunday the 18th. Saturday i will be at wonderland doing the halloween haunt thing. So if there are any magicians out there in the toronto / wonderland area, gimme a shout, leave a post in this topic, or msg me via email/msn I would...
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    Idea for Halloween

    I have been thinking of halloween, and trying to decide on what want to do. Last year was head drop/stigmata... this year i wanted to do something equally has hard hitting...but wasnt sure what My first idea came from south park, which was fcking brillant by the way, i was going to dress...
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