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  1. Lyle Borders

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend! I has been FOREVER since I last ran an SNC for you. Did you miss me? Casey is out for this week, so you get a rare chance to see my handsome face. Ready to have some fun? Here we go! I just pulled two cards from an extremely normal, not...
  2. Lyle Borders

    T11 Deck Fact Sheet – Monarch Eleven Madison Park Edition

    Monarch Eleven Madison Park Edition playing cards were a single-printing limited-edition product not ever sold on These were printed specifically for Eleven Madison Park, a high end restaurant in New York City that was ranked #1 in the world in 2017, and is consistently ranked in...
  3. Lyle Borders

    Complete List of theory11 Decks

    theory11 Decks Publicly Released Guardian Propaganda Centurion White Centurion Sentinel Players Rebel Monarch White Monarch Silver Monarch Red Monarch Green Monarch NYSM2 Monarch Gold Monarch Purple Monarch Monarch Mandarin JAQK JAQK Red JAQK Black JAQK Blue JAQK Amethyst Steampunk Mystery Box...
  4. Lyle Borders

    T11 Deck Fact Sheet – The Monarch Collection

    Work in Progress - This page will be the main Monarch page listing and linking to all the Monarch versions. For info about specific variants inside of a major version, please see the page for the specific version. Unlimited Releases: - Monarch (Original Navy) - Silver Monarch (Discontinued) -...
  5. Lyle Borders

    2018 theory11 Holiday Contest - The Wheel Returns!

    Hey everyone! It is that time of year again - the wheel is back! Welcome to the 2018 theory11 Holiday Contest. This is everyone's favorite event, and we are excited to bring it back again this year, better than ever! If you are new, you may be asking "What is this all about?". Let me explain...
  6. Lyle Borders

    Black Friday at theory11!

    Hey everyone! We try really hard not to bombard you here with product promos and announcements, but every once in a while we drop in an announcement you might be interested in. Today is Black Friday, and with that comes theory11's biggest event of the year! We doubled our server capacity for...
  7. Lyle Borders

    T11 Deck Fact Sheet – Monarch NYSM2 Edition

    Here it is – the first in a series of informative posts on the history of theory11 playing cards. The first request we had was one of the most recent additions to the Monarch Family – the Monarch NYSM2 Edition. Monarch NYSM2 Edition playing cards were a single-printing limited-edition product...
  8. Lyle Borders

    T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

    Hey everyone, I've seen a lot of questions lately about some of the older versions of our decks. I am guessing this is mostly coming from new collectors who want to get their hands on some of the variants that no longer are available for sale. It is cool that there is traffic out there for some...
  9. Lyle Borders

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New theory11 Forum Moderators

    Hey everyone, Thank you to all who applied recently when we opened applications for new forum moderators. We had LOTS of applications, and with our selection we are turning down multiple awesome, perfectly qualified applicants. Don't be discouraged if you were not picked! The three people...
  10. Lyle Borders

    Moderators Wanted - Applications Open Now!

    Hey everyone! Every once in a while we have to shake things up in the forums! Today, that time has come again. Josh Burch, one of our most active forum moderators, is stepping down. He has been extremely helpful in this position for nearly the last three years. The forums are a much better...
  11. Lyle Borders

    2017 theory11 Holiday Contest!

    Hey everyone! It is that time again, your favorite time of year - The annual theory11 Holiday Contest, featuring the return of the Holiday Wheel! That's right, the Wheel is back, and better than ever. If you aren't familiar with how it works, let me break it down. From now through the end of...
  12. Lyle Borders

    2016 Holiday Contest is now LIVE!

    Hey everyone! We just launched our 2016 Holiday Contest, which brings back your favorite thing about the holidays - THE WHEEL. You can get one free spin of the wheel daily, and each item you purchase from now until the end of the contest earns you another spin. What is up for grabs this...
  13. Lyle Borders

    Exposé LIVE - Who Do You Want To See?

    Hey everyone! Exposé LIVE has been a really awesome experiment of sorts the last few months. We wanted to see if we could turn Exposé into a way to better interact with you all. To those who have been able to attend Exposé LIVE, I think you will agree - It is working! Lots of you have been able...
  14. Lyle Borders

    Join us for Exposé LIVE with Steve Cohen, RIGHT NOW!

    Hey everyone! Join us RIGHT NOW for Exposé LIVE! Today's special guest is Steve Cohen, star of Chamber Magic at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. This is sure to be an awesome episode, so come participate in the chat and ask questions! See you there! // L
  15. Lyle Borders

    Join us for Exposé LIVE today at 5pm EDT!

    Hey everyone! It's time for another Exposé LIVE! Join us today at 5pm EDT (in a little over two hours) to watch! As always the chat room will be open so you can ask us questions and give us feedback. Catch you there! // L
  16. Lyle Borders

    Join us TODAY for Exposé LIVE!

    Hey everyone! Join us at 5 pm EDT (in a little over 30 minutes) for another episode of Exposé LIVE! This week we will be featuring special guest Spidey! You don't want to miss it. Click the link below to watch and to ask questions for our team and Spidey in the chat. // L
  17. Lyle Borders

    Exposé LIVE - Friday at 5pm EDT

    Hey everyone! Join us tomorrow (Friday) at 5 pm EDT for Exposé LIVE. This week's special guest is Calen Moreli. Join us in the chat to ask Calen, Jonathan, Christen, or Andrei your questions. See you then! // L
  18. Lyle Borders

    Join us for Exposé LIVE - Friday at 5 pm EDT

    Hey everyone! You are invited to join us for Exposé LIVE! Join us Friday at 5 pm Eastern (EDT). The chat will be live, and you can ask our team questions during the show. [UPDATE] Tonight's Special Guest is a theory11 artist and consultant to David Copperfield. We welcome Blake Vogt to the...
  19. Lyle Borders

    Exposé LIVE - Today at 5 pm EDT

    Hey everyone! You are invited to join us today at 5 pm EDT for Exposé LIVE! We did this a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun. Don't miss out! Today's special guest is Jason England, who will be discussing Sub Rosa and will even be demonstrating it live. If you had questions about Sub Rosa...
  20. Lyle Borders

    Saturday Night Contest - The Magician

    Hey everyone! Yesterday was a historic day for us at theory11. Yesterday, we debuted “The Magician” at the NoMad Hotel in New York City. Dan White KILLED it on the sold out opening night. All the shows for the first month are already sold out, and multiple celebrities have already attended. We...
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