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    Magic movies ?

    This was an earlier thread, there are longer lists out there. Deceptive Practice, Magic Camp, and Make Believe are all excellent documentaries (all available on Netflx, too). Magicians was hilarious. That is on Netflix, too. Food for thought...look at the way Magicians are...
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    The treachery of tricks by Francis Menotti

    Prop-wise it is pretty standard stuff, as I recall, except for the routine where he hangs a tv screen on his stomach. That one requires a fairly particular prop. The real value is not in doing the routines as he explains them, but instead watching his show and how he puts his material...
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    Creating Surprise in One Coin Routines

    I think the big factor is creating the possibility for surprise by establishing a pattern and then breaking it. For example, David Roth's flurry creates the expectation (the coin is always in the other hand), then breaks it with a total vanish before adding the very unexpected jumbo coin. The...
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    magician/cheat movies

    Make Believe was really great...very cool to follow these young people as they develop their acts and perform onstage.
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    Books on magic THEORY

    Magic in Mind is a free compilation of all sorts of essays on magic theory, it is available for free at Vanishing Inc. The Structural Conception of Magic by Ascanio is expensive, but worth it. The Books of Wonder have a lot of strong theory essays...Carneycopia does, too. Magic in...
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    COG by Ben Seward

    Also, the book is SUPER tiny and portable-Doesn't mean it is short on value, but does mean it is easy on luggage space. Pirates-You suck.
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    Important question for the hobbyist or worker...

    While you will ultimately only perform one version of a given "plot", I think Craig is spot on (as usual) in the importance of the "deep dive" into a particular plot or area. In "Designing Miracles" Darwin Ortiz discusses the "perfect composite method", where all of the various techniques are...
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    COG by Ben Seward

    Anybody have the book and want to discuss challenges/successes/insights? PM me if you have the book and would be interested in discussing your experience.
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    Seconds, stud bottoms, and shuffle work.

    Really, really, really well done. Very smooth and natural. Even the acquired actions/get readies etc were all very normal. The one thing I noticed was that you prep the top card very early on your stud bottom deals, more so than on the tops. It is not a degree of angle, but a question of how...
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    Creating an act

    I'm wondering about character as it relates to restaurant table hopping. I am aiming at 3 effects per table, and I wonder how to go about establishing a character in that time frame. Similarly, given my ability level/repertoire, wondering how to make this experience higher impact and stronger...
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    Timing with the palm

    In-transit actions become psychologically invisible (Ascanio). Essentially, if in the process of reaching for a pen, I move the deck from hand to hand, the transfer of the deck from hand to hand becomes psychologically invisible because it only minimally registers as an action. It is trumped...
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    Messado Rings

    The DVD is awesome. He teaches a spectator link (and a ton of other awesome stuff)
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    PH's "Giant Killer Coin"

    Good suggestion! I like that idea a lot. But beyond looking for a "final load", or in addition to those ideas, I am interested in a version that doesn't involve a final load at all...that way it would be easier to transition into other matrixes...
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    PH's "Giant Killer Coin"

    This is a four coin, 2 card coin assembly/matrix style routine from Paul Harris' "Art of Astonishment Book 1". I am wondering if anyone has come up with a satisfying handling for this routine that DOES NOT end with the Jumbo Coin. The routine makes a ton of sense if it ends with the Jumbo, but...
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Or re-air in the US?
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    Biggest problem you've had when performing?

    So when I do the push-through shuffle, I look up right before the strip out. Usually, I accompany this with some comment for misdirection. Unfortunately, I successfully misdirected myself. As a result, I neatly and cleanly squared the cards. This was mid-effect. A truly terrifying moment...
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    The Art of Deception

    I think an interesting area to explore would be equivoque and equivocal tricks. The nature of omission and re-framing as it applies to magic and lying would be an interesting area to is deceptive, to be certain, but it is not really LYING in the same way as "I have here an ordinary...
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    Best Coin Magician

    Ramsay? I read through the whole thread and I didn't see his name...
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    Help on The Trilogy

    Another piece of advice...try something else for a while, then come back. I was really struggling with the top shot, then "gave up" for a month or so, and then tried it again. A lot of the knacky moves really benefit from some time off to practice other things. Not to wait to become good at...
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    Super Hero Theory

    Really glad that you brought this up! I think this is a great article and a real challenge to answer. I am primarily a card guy, but I still go back and forth between having elegant control over the cards (Paul LePaul style) or being unbelievably sloppy/lucky (Lennart Green Style). Similarly...
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