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  1. Althor

    Looking for an effect..

    Anyone know of a *fully inspectable*gaffed card that can be signed, placed in a deck, edges run through fire, and the signed card's border is burned? Basically a signed and burned card is what I'm looking for. Thanks
  2. Althor

    Questions about a first performance and patter...

    If I can work my schedule around a few things, I'll have a gig doing table magic during a Frank Sinatra-style singer's breaks. It could end up being a monthly thing. The total time would only be 20 minutes (he takes 2 10 minute breaks). I'd be paid $25 plus a meal. Here's the questions: The...
  3. Althor

    question reguarding Bike's Poker Peeks

    First, these are probably my favorite cards.. just had to get that out there.. The backs on mine are white and blue.. are there any other colors? red, or even better, black?
  4. Althor

    Card Care

    I've heard several things about how you should treat you cards ('sanding' the edges on a pair of jeans, using a card press to keep them flat, etc.).. what do you do?
  5. Althor

    The effect I might have come up with

    I'm not sure if this is original, but I did this last night at got probably the best/funniest reaction I've ever gotten.. just thought I'd share.. (I might make a video, but I've a lot going on right now) I had the guy pick a card (riffle force style) and return it to the deck. I cut the...
  6. Althor

    Key cards..

    I've read in a few threads on this and other forums that the double lift is the most well-known slight for the layman, but I think this one beats it. While doing tricks involving other slights, I have been "called out" on using a key card - "He's just remembering the card above" - many times...
  7. Althor

    Save me from idea-stealing

    Could someone who has "Burn" from Daniel Madison pm me.. I have a fire/card idea for a trick, and I don't want to thief it.. I do not have "Burn" - yet. I just want to make sure I can do this trick with a clean conscience. I am not looking for any exposure.. just pm me and say "I have Burn,"...
  8. Althor

    The Classic Force

    I can't see myself using this and leaving a force to 'chance.' Do you use it? What kind of success rate do you have with it?
  9. Althor

    one card middle pass..

    I'm having a hard time with the one card middle pass in vol. 1 of Card College.. It's clunky. I can't get the card free in time.. it's way early, and the break makes the dribbling seem clunky.. are these just 'keep trying - you'll get it' issues or do I have a problem here?
  10. Althor

    Kip Angle: Mimefreak

    Not all too magic-related, but the Criss Angel threads reminded me of this. It's pretty funny. There's a few episodes.
  11. Althor

    ever forget to check your pockets on laundey day?

    Has anyone else washed a pair of pants with a deck in the pockets? I did it with an Invisible Deck, and it turned in to mushy confetti. $10 that didn't quite go down the drain, but all over the place when I pulled the clothes out.. I'd have been super pissed if I had the Ultra Gaff and did...
  12. Althor

    A Morbid Question

    Has anyone ever been killed for breaking the magician's code? I read that Teller (as in Penn and) received death threats for doing his cup-and-ball routine with glass cups. This made me wonder what lengths some people would go to in order to keep that which is private a secret. Any morbid...
  13. Althor

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

    Does anyone use this book? It's one of the few carried at the local Barnes & Nobel. Would you suggest it? I'm focusing on card magic, but I am open to learn anything.
  14. Althor

    How did you learn magic?

    I thought it might be interesting to see how everyone learned the art..
  15. Althor

    A most-likely impractical thought on "Burn-out.."

    I'm sure "Burn out" aka "the burnt card trick" is a well known one.. and one of my favorites.. but just in case it's not known, a brief description of the effect: card is chosen, card is returned to the deck, deck is cut, lighter is lit, edges of deck are passed through the flame, one card...
  16. Althor

    An introduction from a new member...

    Hi.. I'm Dave. I'm new here. just a little background.. I started learning bar tricks (toothpick puzzles and the like) on my honeymoon a little over 2 years ago. When I got back, I learned the "disappearing cigarette" trick off of youtube. My mother-in-law picked me up a svengali...
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