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  1. Brian L.

    Ideas of effects that are relatable to daily routine

    Hi all, I'm currently putting together ideas for a video I will be doing. In short, it will be a short of a magician going through their daily routine. He/she comes across situations in their daily routine that he/she solves naturally by magic. Such as if his/her shoelaces were untied...
  2. Brian L.

    Revealing a Selected Card

    I've been practicing different ways to reveal someones selected card from a deck (Example: Hot Shot Cut) and some of the ones I like but some I'm not particularly keen of the technique. Just wondering if anyone has a favorite type of revelation. I would appreciate it. brian.
  3. Brian L.

    Stage Routine: Ideas?

    Hello everybody, I wanted to ask for anyone'es input on what would be a great stage routine. What certain aspects, stage effects, magic effects, etc should I take into consideration. I would love any input. brian.
  4. Brian L.

    Prophet: Quick Answers needed.

    Hi everybody, I needed some answers to questions that I haven't found answered yet. 1] Can I use something totally different than money to perform this trick, like, pieces of card stock turning into cards? 2] Is it harder to create what you have to create when it's not utilizing bills...
  5. Brian L.

    Buying Coins

    I wanted to know any website that sells coins, that would be reliable, and hopefully isn't really expensive at all. Doesn't have to be rare coins, like Morgan's, or something. Any preferable websites for you guys & gals? brian.
  6. Brian L.

    CoinOne// Or Digital Dissolve//

    I need some opinions. Which effect is more pliable in different situations? How much practice should be inputted into each of these effects? (Although it varies from performer to performer) Other opinions that might help me here. I am a big fan of Homer, but wanted to weigh out my...
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