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    The solution Michael murray

    I’ve heard about this trick but haven’t found any reviews on it. It seems pretty mind blowing how the spectator can seemingly solve the cube behind their back. And considering the tutorial is a book I’m guessing it can be done with a normal cube. What’s the level of difficulty is it and is it...
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    What’s the difference

    I noticed theory11 released unbelievalope 2.0 and I couldn’t help but notice that this effect is kinda close to the m-case gimmick. Course I don’t own these tricks so I can’t say for certain but if you can accomplish the same playing card switch with the difference of it being an envelope or a...
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    Anyone know if animation by Yigal Mesika offers refills at a discounted price after you purchase the full trick?
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    Double Agent or Balean Twist

    I’m checking out double agent by Blaise Serra and balean twist by bizau Christian. Both tricks includes impromptu decks which really interest me. But both are pretty advanced, which I am willing to put the time in to learn and master. Balean twist is advertised as medium while double agent is...
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    Best “Think of a Card” trick?

    I’m looking for the best “think of a card” trick y’all can think of (no pun intended). Doesn’t matter if they’re impromptu or gimmicked (tbh I’d prefer gimmicked), but just give me some choices that I might consider. Thanks
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    52 to 1

    Hey y’all. I noticed that theory11 is now selling the 52 to 1 deck and I really want to buy it considering you can freely cut to a merely thought of card in the deck, but is there a force card involved? Can you perform this trick again to the same spectator and they can think of a different card...
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    What is this false cut?

    I noticed that Franco pascali does this cool, one-handed false cut in a couple of his videos. If you want to see it, he does it in his performance of The Code and Torn and restored transpo. I was wondering what that one-handed false cut is called or where you can learn it.
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    Tarantula 2.0 or Animation?

    Hi all, I'm hoping ya'll can help with this. I'm stumped on getting either Tarantula 2.0 by Yigal Mesika or Animation by Yigal Mesika. Both are similar tricks using almost the same gimmicks. Of course one is $75 while the other is only $20. My real goal is to get any pros and cons from each of...
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    Possible Theory11 Improvements?

    Like many of you all, I love theory11. If any of the staff here is reading this, these are just two things that I came up with that might be really cool to add to the website in the future: -Theory11 app -Theory11 live online chat on the website (for small questions that want to be answered...
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    Flux by Craig Filicetti

    Yo guys! I'm new to these forums and I have a question that hope ya'll can answer. I am on the edge about purchasing Flux by Craig Filicetti. But something is stopping me from pressing that purchase button. I don't think that this kind of effect is really fooling to spectators. I mean, all you...
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