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  1. ZacharyTan

    Royalty free songs?

    Hey guys, do you know a place where I can royalty free songs to use in my videos?(besides Kevin Mcleod's site)
  2. ZacharyTan

    30 days of magic!!

    Hey guys, I've recently been doing a mini project 30days of magic, like Calen Morelli, just that I cut it down by 335days due to lack of time :D. Tell me what you think! I'm almost halfway done ! Today is the 15th day! So leave a comment on my videos and subscribe if you like...
  3. ZacharyTan

    Tic tac trick!

    Hey, what do you think of my new trick? NOTE: The tic tacs are not hiding behind the label.. Tic tac production tell me what you think?
  4. ZacharyTan

    Encore by Kevin Schaller??

    Hey, you guys have obviously seen the new release by Kevin Schaller called Encore. Its a bundle download with 3 tricks in it. Kevin showed it to me and I was shocked that the method is so simple lol. I was so sure that he uses his sleeves or magnets for the effects there but no. No sleeves no...
  5. ZacharyTan

    new colour change hi guys tell me what you think
  6. ZacharyTan

    IO Error?

    Why does it say IO Error when I try to upload my video to The Wire
  7. ZacharyTan

    new trick?

    Hi guys tell me what you think about this
  8. ZacharyTan

    Prism by Joshua Jay review

    Overall trick rating: 9/10 Overall DVD teaching:6/10 -He doesn't go into much detail about all the moves and sleights here, some sleights he just briefly teaches you how to do, for example you need to know the Diagonal Palm Shift to do one of his routines in the DVD, he doesn't teach you the...
  9. ZacharyTan

    Eureka CAAN review

    Overall trick rating:8/10 Hi guys I know you all are waiting for a review on Eureka , here it is No Demo?? -Most of you are wondering why is there no demo for this trick, well after I have gotten the DVD and found out how it works, I don't think it will fool magicians. But I tried it on my...
  10. ZacharyTan

    Ultimate Wild Card review

    Overall teaching:6/10 Well he talks in French, I believe. For those who understand French, good for you. For those who don't there will be english subtitles for you to follow along. Thats the only thing I dont like about this DVD. The subtitles is quite detailed and you can follow along easily...
  11. ZacharyTan

    Singapore magicians

    Hey there are there any magicians from Singapore in this forums?? I know there are some already :D
  12. ZacharyTan

    Dalton Wayne TAB not that original?

    Hey guys Im sure you have seen this new trick on The Wire, I dont think its that original(my opinion, no offence) because Im sure I have seen a similar effect to this on Jay Sankey's Hardcore DVD, the trick is called Evidence, the torn and restored tab looks exactly the same as this trick...
  13. ZacharyTan


    I dont know if its me or the deck, but the aristocrats double lift is amazing! its hard to see and the double looks like just one card! So any of you have tried the aristocrats please tell me your opinions!
  14. ZacharyTan

    Holely by Will Tsai review!!!!!

    Overall trick rating:9/10 -Picture this; you take out a playing card, business card or other card-like object and punch a hole into it with your trusty hole punch. You have a spectator hold onto the card while you pinch the hole between your fingers and visibly move it, from one end of the card...
  15. ZacharyTan

    The Brick Pass DVD by Alex Pendrea review

    Overall DVD teaching:10/10 There are two tricks taught in this DVD...Hmmmm I wouldn't say tricks, more like techniques. Which is The Brick Pass and Turnover Pass. The Brick Pass:10/10 -If you are a beginner and want to learn some essential card techniques like the pass, this is the best...
  16. ZacharyTan

    Centrifugal by Magick Balay review

    Overall trick rating:8/10 -This is not really a trick DVD, more like a DVD on how to float things.(I know I make no sense but yeah...) Overall DVD teaching:9/10 -Magick is a very good teacher, he teaches everything you need to know about ITRs,including the history of it. He teaches you how...
  17. ZacharyTan

    Sharp Impression by Richard James review

    Overall trick rating :8/10 -This trick is extremely practical . This a trick that you will always carry with you. After your ambitious card routine or any other routine, you can immediately get into this trick. Overall DVD teaching:8/10 -I find the DVD quite good. Richard teaches all the...
  18. ZacharyTan

    Ziplock change

    What do you all think of this?
  19. ZacharyTan

    Invisible Thread,Wax and DVDs

    I will tell you more about IT and Wax here Well, there are many types/brands of IT and Wax on the market. To name some Legacy Invisible Thread, Kranzo Invisible Elastic Bands(newest from E), Vectra thread, Kelvar thread, Mesika thread, Mesika's elastics, EZ strip thread, Mesika's wax, Master...
  20. ZacharyTan

    Colour Fusion by Nash Fung review

    Overall trick rating:10/10 Imagine having the back of a SIGNED card visually changing quarter by quarter. Overall DVD teaching:9/10 Nash teaches every move and step very well. Live performances and in-studio performances. Nash is a funny guy, during the end of the DVD he calls himself Nash...
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